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  • I have never read of any ill health effects to women who refrain from masturbating. However, women who use masturbation as a means of sexual expression, rather than having unsafe sex or sex with multiple partners, are probably doing themselves a favor by reducing their risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. As far as men's health and masturbation, a few studies have shown that men who ejaculate frequently have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. One such recent study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (vol 291, p 1578); you can read an article about this on the New Scientist website ( and you can read the abstract for the original JAMA article on PubMed ( This does NOT mean that if you don't ejaculate frequently, such as by masturbating, that you will get prostate cancer, but it certainly lends evidence to the theory that masturbation can have benefits other than just as a means of sexual expression. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should not be ashamed of the desire to masturbate. It is natural and will not harm you.
  • If a woman masturbates by penetrating her vaginal opening with her fingers or other objects, then the vaginal opening will become loose. If she fondles her outer lips frequently, they too will become loose. This is scientific fact. response to StoneRock: I fail to see how that impact the basic fact that the vaginal opening DOES loosen with repeated insertions. Although you are correct, you seem to have the same idea about this that lovelustlaughs does...but the fact is, the vaginal opening can loosen if it is repeatedly penetrated, especially if large objects are used. For Women: I have never heard of any ill-effects from refraining from masturbation. Other than creating looseness in the vaginal opening from frequent vaginal insertion, there are no ill-effects for either refraining from masturbation or frequently masturbating (other than preoccupation with masturbation or an overworking of hormones). For Men: Refraining from masturbation does have some negative effects, but only if you already do masturbate, but do so at infrequent intervals without ejaculating. Masturbation without ejaculation(yes, there is a difference) leads to excitement, and a build up of semen. The blood vessels in your penis will expand and harden, giving you an erection, and the penis will start working in an effort to push the semen out, i.e. ejaculation. What happens if you don't ejaculate is that the semen recedes back into the prostate. Over time, the semen will die from staying in there for so long, because at the point where it is prepared to leave the penis, it has been mixed with sperm and if it does not leave the penis, it gets stuck in the prostate. When the sperm dies, it will create an unhealthy environment. The backwashing of sperm into the prostate will rot and cause infection, commonly resulting in an annoying and somewhat painful disorder known as prostatitis, an easily treatable infection that usually causes UTIs, abnormal discharges, tenderness, swelling and pain in the genital region. As I said, this happens as a result of infrequent masturbation, as in occasional masturbation that does not result in ejaculation. This can also result from sexual arousal...whether you know it or not, men get erections during the night as they sleep, and frequently wake up in the morning with an erection. Sometimes they are strong enough to be able to be stimulated to orgasm. Erections that last a while, sexual arousal and stimulation that is not gratified by releasing through ejaculation may potentially result in negative effects. Otherwise, there are no drawbacks to refraining from masturbation...only improved and much more satisfying sex.
  • No. (short and sweet)
  • Not physically, can cause mental pressure.
  • pfft u guys are morons, iv seen chiks destroy there clits masturbating , they beat it to u can visually see it getting looser its gross, and also isnt it fuckin obvious that inserting large objects into the vagina will loosen it up?
  • as a male, many man feel that they need to "clean their pipes" so to speak every once in a while......but, a man can go for month's without doing this, and it will have no ill health effects......sperm will eventually be absorbed back into the male body.......but, in my experience, if a guy goes for a while without having an orgasm and he finally does, it kinda hurts.......take care....Brian....
  • im really strange I turn out happier and I lose depress like state If I don't mansturbate

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