• Hmmm, I think that was sometime in November 2007. So, I did. There were other reasons, but a really bad day made the decision much easier.
  • Roughly 3 months ago. Someone got pissed at me for not doing a job that isn't my job to do in the first place.
  • Sometime last year. I got fired before I could quit, but the sentiment was definitely there.
  • never have I said that from a bad day. I only quit one job in my life and that was because I decided to go into business for myself.
  • today! sometimes that place drives me batty!!!
  • November 3, 2007.....and I quit that day!
  • Every day at 4:59pm, i think about it.
  • About a month ago.
  • Yesterday. Woke up at 4:00am to catch a plane to Boston, got to my interview at 8:30, hand the douchebag CANCEL on me and reschedule at 3:30 for him to tell me they were in the midst of a merger and suspended all new hires. Thanks a lot! Then the coup de grâce is I missed the last train back and had to take a five-hour long bus ride.
  • hang in there, sara, babieeeeeeeee ... things always get better ... y'know, at the very least, have another job lined-up before you do quit ... given, it's always easier to find a job when you already have one ... ^_^
  • Last Tuesday. I was severely pissed >:(
  • Everyday after the first week lol
  • 2 days ago.
  • Every month or so I get the feeling I want to do more with my life and think about other jobs. This is usually set off by a bad day, but sometimes just wishful thinking.
  • Every day of my life... I only like my job on extremely good days... which is hardly ever... I'm in the process of changing that.
  • Yesterday. My boss was being a condescending twit yesterday afternoon and talking to me like I was a mildy mentally retarded 6 year old. I wanted to staple her damn Post-it note to her forehead. But then I remembered that she just gave me a raise and I got over it. But I'll bitch about it with the girls for the rest of the damn week.
  • When I got bawled out in front of my team (I work in a unit of 16 with 3 teams and my team has my team-leader and my four colleagues in it) for something that wasn't actually my fault and when I asserted myself I wasn't given much of an apology AT ALL and then when I said that I wanted to leave because I didn't sign on to work in a unit where I was being gossiped about maliciously by co-workers who stuffed up constantly anyway (we all do it...) and specially not when they were gossiping about things that weren't actually true when the real culprits were sitting there like cats with canaries stuffed in their mouths (satisfied) and saying nothing... That gives me the proverbials and the worst of it is that my team leader assumed that by this one thing that happened that wasn't actually my fault, was how I did everything at work... my job involves going on outreaches to families and we have to prepare for them - I was on 'duty' (where we follow up on cases where there's no official worker) and doing a visit I had been given no real information on and I went out without the information that was needed and I got blamed for it when in fact the worker who'd done the previous visit was meant to brief me but didn't. It's child protection and the job is hard enough without that kind of rubbish going on so I told my team leader I wanted to leave the place but if I couldn't find anything else, I wanted to leave the unit and if that wasn't possible, I wanted to change to another team because one of the workers who let me take the fall for her stuff up is the one who should've briefed me before we went out - for goodness sakes, we (a senior worker and I) drove her home on the way to the outreach and she was meant to brief us on the way ... that's definitely not something I'm taking the blame for...
  • today!

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