• Kinda. Withdrawals (blood tests, donating blood), not at all. Injections, totally phobic. Flu season and vaccination coming up. The wife and son (and doctor) get to make fun of me again. :-{(>
  • nope. When I was young, I had terrible allergies so for about 12 years I had to get weekly shots so I got used to needles but it doesn't mean I liked it. All my allergies went away when I hit puberty and I hadn't had a shot in years - the last time was 2006 for vaccinations before my vacation to Asia.
  • I'm not terrified of them, but I'm not a big fan, either. Also, I really don't enjoy those fifteen foot long needles they stick in your gums when you go to the dentist, and they keep jamming it in there, it seems it never stops entering. :/ *Goosebumps.*
  • NO CHICK. I would rather give myself a shot, than someone doing it. I think more ppl are afraid of other ppl than the needle itself.
  • Nooo... they only sting for a second and then its gone. I've had people sneak up on me and poke me with them when I least expected it. It doesn't scare me anymore and neither do doctors...
  • Nup. Blood tests though. Haven't had one since I was a kid, but it felt like an electrocution going up my arm, helped by the fact that the woman didn't get the vein the first time and had to try again, then finally held up two massive viles of crimson blood, saying, "see, Sweetie- I didn't take that much." I would've smacked her up-side the head if I'd've had any strength left. Instead, I traipsed out of the room, holding my heavy arm, trying through my eyes alone, to tell the young boy next in line to not go in the blood-roooom! Ah, that felt good. Haven't gotten that one off my chest in a while :] I'm sure it wouldn't be at all bad now, but that was a right bad experience for a five-year-old! Btw, is it weird that I haven't had a blood-test since I was 5ish? I'm 18 now.
  • yeah ... but i had to get over that one rather swiftly
  • The needle, my arch-nemesis. I end up whining like a little b!%@# everytime. So I guess you can say I am somewhat terrified of them. Heh.
  • It's not the needle that bothers me. It's the sight of blood, gushing out at an alarming rate, all dark and frothy. I can't look at that without keeling over.
  • I always look the other way when I need an injection or must have blood drawn. Just don't like needles.
  • If they give me too much time to think about it, yes. I'm 18 now and am made to go into the doc's by myself, if I don't have my boyfriend with me. I'll tell the doc I'm afraid of needles, tell them to talk to me about something while they prepare it, have them warn me before they poke me, take a few deep breaths and exhale while I get poked. I'll still cry but it's not as bad as when I had a fit in the doc's office at 17 and made the nurse cry because she thought she hurt me.
  • not in the least i love needles and i like going to the doctor to get shots lol i know im wierd but thats my honest answer :)
  • nah, but i've never had a shot by a HUGE needle before.
  • Not at all.

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