• i dont know,but im not picky about water lol so it doesn't matter to me:)
  • It reaches a point where your house and the house next door don't have the same water, and your house doesn't have the same water all the time. Filtering water is such a phungo process that you can't even research the subject. Dealers will offer you a dozen different types and sizes and won't tell you a single fact that might allow you to choose one model instead of another. They won't even tell you the size of a canister so you can buy a cartridge that fits it. They will sell you a whole house system without ever mentioning that it does not allow a normal flow rate. They will not tell you what size particles the filter allows through. (Just because it says so many microns, that does not mean it will stop everything bigger than that.) Every model they offer is exactly what you need, promises better coffee and prettier housewives, and is guaranteed not to rust, bust, or collect dust.
  • In the store you can buy spring water. That is different than filtered water, and it's possible to detect differences in taste of different springs. Sometimes there are significant amounts of minerals in spring water. Check the label... Filtered water? Good, safe, but not that interesting. Check out the spring waters. Here's three that I like:, Mountain Valley, Poland Spring, Saratoga Water.
  • Yes, filtered tap water in most places is actually safer.

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