• No, thank goodness. Never had anything that embarssing happen to me that it would be classified as, "Quite a Show."
  • Yes, back in my drinking days.
  • No, I stay off the stage as a rule.
  • Yes, my hubby and I had to attend a wedding when I was about 35 years old. When the party was getting more and more relaxed, the dance floor was opened - at first the slow ones - but then Rock'nRoll, very popular at that time. I threw my high heels to the side, and we started our free-style bebop. People formed a ring and we were the only one's dancing. I still love to dance. I tried it 2 years ago again at a garden party, with sneakers on on a grassy uneven surface. I did it very good, people were delighted. But I had an inflamed and swollen knee for half a year...
  • I did a couple of times, but it was a private show for only my husband;-)
  • I used to to martial arts demos with some of my friends and I showed the self defense and did most of the breaking demos. I broke 5 inches of pine, rocks, coconuts, and bricks. And, yes, I put on quite a show.
  • In the bedroom, absolutely.
  • YES! I love acting, and I've done drag. Being on stage is a hoot.
  • I went to a wedding a long time ago, got asked to dance by male stripper and he encouraged me to start stripping with him. I was quite drunk so it was quite a show! I didn't take everything off nor did I intend to. I wasn't THAT drunk, thankfully.
  • Everytime somebody dares to mess with The Wise Guy. He's short tempered. :)
  • Yeah, I was taking a bath when my gf dumped a glass of ice water on me. She dropped the glass (plastic) and ran out into the front room. I filled the glass with cold water and ran out to throw it on her... the room was filled with people that had come over, while I was in the bath. I stopped dead in my tracks. My first impulse was to turn around and run out of the room, but then I decided (when I saw my gf giggling in the far corner) to complete my mission. I calmly walked over and poured the water on her head, to a round of applause. (keep in mind, it was ice water)=0[]

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