• How much stress are you under? Usually, any stomach aches I have are stress induced.
  • it could be if you didn't sleep right or if you didn't eat something really good. I got stomach aches to in the morning a lot, but i got better later. :) hope that helped!
  • Morning stomach aches on an empty stomach can often be an indication of an ulcer or GERD. But they can be many other things also. SEE A DOCTOR!!!! We are not doctors here and we would be negligent and not doing you any favors to GUESS at what is wrong with you. Get it seen by a professional before it gets worse.
  • I get that every day too. I find that it works better if you eat earlier the night before, and try not to eat right before going to bed.
  • occassional stomach pain is normal but it sounds like you have something more severe. Go see your doctor who can help you - go make appoitment now so whatever it is can be treated in the early stage.
  • I get that all the time too! The best thing to do would probably take DayQuill right when you wake up, Or you may want to ask your doctor for a different discription. Because Im not a doctor but I think it may help! Love you all, AnswerWoman532
  • Anxiety causes stomach aches. Getting up in the morning is usually a time that most people experience their anxiety. The only time I can count on not having a stomach ache is when I sleep. Xanax and meditation help.
  • I have the same problem. I wake up with almost a butterfly feeling in my stomach(not the good kind). I try to go back to sleep, but I usually can't. Once I get up and move around it goes away. Nevertheless, it is still a bad feeling to wake up with every morning.
  • Hunger pains, maybe. That happens to me sometimes when I go to bed on an empty stomach

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