• Only if it is there.
  • Of course.I am a former Marine.We guard the streets of heaven.Didnt you know?
  • It depends on whether or not there truly is one.
  • If God deems me worthy, I will. Since good deeds do not ensure entry to Heaven, none of us really knows where we are going. I do know, in my heart, that my spirit, or essence, will live on in another dimension, but whether it will be Heaven or not is a complete unknown right now. I do believe in a higher existance, who most people call God, but with all of the errors in the written word of the Bible, I can't say that I believe that part. I just know that a huge energy is responsible for the universe being in existance, and since I am a part of that, I must have come from that original energy. I honestly believe that all of our collective energies create the one original energy that we call God.
  • I would say yes.
  • I have more spiritual beliefs. Reincarnation for instance. Nirvana. Life if for learning. It makes sense to me. If i were to die today, however I am pretty sure my sould wouldn't reach nirvana. Lol i still need to learn a few more lessons in life. :) But I'm excited to.
  • I would go straight to heaven!! I have been saved. I know i believe. Read 1 cor 13:5 than read the book of 1st John. If you pass the test you will. One must be born again to see the kingdom of God.
  • Yes I will on jan 24th God passed by my way showed me I was a lost sinner on my way to hell. I repented of my sins and got born again of the holy ghost. Saved by the good grace of God, have the gift of the holy ghost in my heart. And now am a new creature in Christ and live for the Lord only by his grace I didnt find him he came to where I was and lifted me out of sin to life.
  • I would just trust I was going to the right place if I was conscious enough to realize it. I will be happy and have an attitude of grattitude. I would look for Jesus in the crowd. He would take me in a boat across the river to Heaven.
  • Nope...I'll just be dead and gone...there is no such thing as an afterlife
  • No, I'd go to a hole in the ground, just like you
  • hmmm...signs point to "no".
  • ofcourse I will! - Donnie "GodROCKS" Glax
  • Probably not. *Packs pitchfork*
  • Yes! dont listen to them u gotta belive, not just with your eyes!
  • No.....I understand about God and being forgiven all your sins and everything....but the fact is there are a few things I can't forgive myself for and that's blocking me from accepting that the answer is no and will be no until I accept my own mistakes at face value and forgive myself for making them.
  • I hope not, in fact God, if you exist, and are listening, please pay attention. I do NOT want to go to heaven, It sounds as boring as an unending Courtney Love concert. Also, who wants to exist for eternity, I mean really, what happens when I get bored? And another thing, what gives you the right to judge me? Or anyone else? Thanks but no thanks I don't want your "salvation." Signed - An atheist. (So to answer your question, nope.)
  • Yes, it is great to know you are saved and when the doubt of where you will go when you die. To get saved is easy. The bible gives instructions in Romans 10:9-10. Those of you that don't have that assurance are missing out. 9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

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