• Why's it gotta be raccoons?
  • Just raccoons. And they behave under more of a feudal system than race, with the rich raccoons who own all the big city garbage bossing around the poor smaller raccoons that can only sift through moderate amounts of garbage.
  • Species, not race.
  • A race is defined as any inbreeding group. We are of the human race and yes you could say that raccoons are of the raccoon race. Humans have also used race as a way to separate different groups of people. That is different from the biological definition of race I described above.
  • Thats its own spices, race is the same spices but from different places around the world.. i.e.. Elephant this is a spices but if its from India its an Indian elephant if its from Africa is an African elephant :D
  • Race is a word that doesn't really serve much purpose in this sense. In humans what it really means is a phenotypically divergent population of the species. That is it in broad terms. The key word here is species. Everything is part of a unique series. Raccoons are a species. E. coli is a species. Humans are a species.
  • They seem to be a part of a larger collective that communicates with one another telepathically, for example, i feed feral cats in the yard and somehow, they seem to come from all over BEFORE i put the food out so its not smell that attracts them!
  • Raccoons dont have "race." That is human. Raccoons are omnivorous nocturnal invertebrates

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