• For me it was and is a must. I needed to monitor and get feedback that it was solitude rather than isolation. My contact with others was measured. So, yes, more than okay.
  • Yes. There is a lot of leeway given for grief. It's because people grieve in many ways.
  • absolutely
  • absolutely! your grief, your rules!
  • Sure it is. Everyone grieves differently. Do what you must to get through it.
  • Yes, people greive in different ways, however there needs to be a point that it doesnt turn into being a hermit.
  • Absolutely! While you are grieving you should be able to be alone or with people or whatever helps you!! Don't let people try to tell you how to deal with your pain. Been there... it almost always resurfaces later and you'll have to deal with it again.
  • Yes, it's okay. If you need to be alone, then you need to be alone. You have to take care of yourself. Just try not to avoid people who care about you for too long, or you'll start to feel isolated and alone and that will only prolong your grief.
  • Yes. Absolutely, emphatically a certain degree. The gut wrenching pain of grief lends itself to the feeling of wanting to make the world go away.....but at some point you need to start interacting with the world matter how difficult that might be. Nevertheless, I fully believe (and I speak from personal experience here....) that the need to be alone to process the grief (and to avoid the irritiaing cliche's people try to "comfort" you with) is normal and healthy...within reason.
  • It's often a natural tendency for many to want to be alone. I've been there. Do it if you must, there is comfort in isolation. Everyone has their own "grieving" style. However, it's really important to accept the support of others. REALLY important. Grief that gets expressed has a MUCH better chance of healing and in the long run, making you stronger. If friends and family aren't high on your "contact" list at the moment, perhaps you can find support from people who are dealing with the same thing as you or even from a professional. It really helps.
  • Yes, and usually well understood yo...
  • I did try to avoid them but it did help to have them around, you have time to grieve after there all gone.
  • Absolutely but it's also ok to lean on those who care about you.
  • That's probably how I would respond to it. I think it's fine.
  • hell yeah it is
  • Yes. Alone time is important for healing. And you seem to understand that it is a process. Just don't totally isolate yourself and don't let it go on indefinitely. At some point you will need people in your life. I hope these links are helpful:
  • Yes, I had to when my parents died. There is something about needing to work it out alone for a bit and then there is a time to keep busy and stay occupied as well.
  • It's ok to avoid people at any time
  • It's ok to do whatever you want at any time for any reason as long as it isn't inconveniencing others Especially during grief. but remember those others may be grieving too.

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