• Here they are:
  • I like the top three best. your very good
  • u have the right kind of potential but you lack liveliness work on that :)
  • I'm very impressed! I especially like the tiger, the horse and the two flowers. Do you do commissions?
  • Well, you definetely like eyes, thats for sure. I guess flowers come next. No expert here, but i can say this: You have talent. My mother started this way and it was profitable for her. Go for it. your talent for art is like a fine wine. The longer the wait and practice, the finer the product.
  • Your sense of perspective imagery is very good. You are drawn to eyes which are known as the window of the soul - perhaps as an artist you are expressing the beauty in your own soul- the choice of colors is very nice in the flower works or you may be showing that which you perceive to be your objects soul. Your birds of pardise are really nice!
  • Great pics! I've seen people with less talent paint murals, and I hear there is quite a business for that. Get a portfolio together if you do not already have one, and try to promote your talent! Believe in yourself! You are good! Btw, the tiger and the horse are my favorites!
  • Honestly... I love them all, except for the eyeball in space, it looks too juvenile for my tastes. But everything else is fantasitc! Best thing to do with a talent like that and your detail for lines and movement, is to get a degree in art and open a tattoo studio! Kat Von D watch out! Cindy ninja is awesome!
  • The tiger and the first flowers are my favorite. I'm not crazy about the eye with the planets but I do think you are very talented. Good luck!
  • You have talent, that is certain. I think what is lacking is creativity and a unique style. You are a little heavy handed in your technique and your subject matter lacks interest. Your pics are more crafty than artsy. I would certainly keep it up, though. You have enormous potential. You have a good eye for color, but your original art is a bit juvenile in subject matter and execution.
  • First of all, you're very brave to pick up your art again .. create .. then go another step and post it here for anyone to look at or comment on. That's THREE great steps and we haven't even gotten to the specific pieces you're sharing yet. LOL If that's not clear enough? I'll make it even more direct because I think this is really important: (1) Congratulations on knowing yourself well enough to know that you are an artist. (2) Congratuations on doing something with that knowledge .. and working with your talent. (3) Congratulations on moving your creations from private to public. Ok. That said? This round, you've shared 6 creative works. Personally, if I were to put them in order? You did it! To me, your 3 best are along the top row. They combine artistic talent with some "oomph" behind them for me, the viewer. B+, B and B- perhaps? Row two - one work - a solid C. Well crafted and executed. Just not a lot of originality or feeling. Row three - the weakest set for me. Perhaps trying here to get more individualistic / creative .. but then the technique side got squished out a little. Sort of flip side of the flowers above it that had the technique, but missed a point of view? Top row has elements of both. Technique and soul. So hard to even say any of this. What the heck do "I" know about any of this? Nada!!! Seems like all you need is time and passion .. a portfolio .. a studio .. hard work .. determination .. belief in your talent (you have it) and worth (you have it). I hope you carry on with this. I can sense your "light" wanting to burst out. Hope you let it .. in spades!! (Now if I could only do 1/2 as well as you and move from writing privately to allowing others to read what I've written! I can take THAT lesson from your example here. Thank you for that) :)
  • hey Cyn .. i'm no critic but i think you're doing great .. keep on keepin' on (((hugs)))
  • Beautiful! thanks for sharing! :) :)
  • I do like your work. From a critique POV I will say that first you center too much. Most of your work is centered in the middle of the 'page'. Not good. Do studys that move the focus out of center. The color in your flowers image (lillies?) is nice - good contrast. The bird of paradise could use a bit more contrast in the flowers... it is difficult to imagine them in perspective as they are all the same in tone. You do have talent and at least you are working - my hands hurt now and I can't paint or DRAW as much as I used to. Good luck and best of happiness in your creativity!
  • your really good, don't give up on it.
  • I like them,although I agree with Top54u.If you could put some action in your art you would be very good.

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