• Try this website, I have had good luck with them, and fast delivery.
  • You can compare the prices ml for ml at - it's the more ink for your money section!
  • You can check out they offer a wide range of inks for HP Printers, both OEM and compatible remanufactured ones.
  • officemax office depot best buy or take them spme place that will refill them for you
  • You can try here but I beat their price at staples last time yo...,16,manufacturer.html
  • staples officemax office depot
  • Costco is where I buy my ink and save $. Here's a dirty little secret about printers, specifically cheap ones. The cheapest printers use the smallest but most expensive cartriges. The price per ounce is much greater than ink jet printers costing north of $500. Cheap printers are often programed to stop printing with a certain percentage of ink left in the cartige. Cheap printers are often programed to spit out (use) more ink to print the same page compared to high end models, these features are often incorporated in to the printers driver. More expensive printers use larger cartridges that are also cheaper to acquire. More expensive priters are also better made, produce better images, offer greater printing flexibility like large format paper, special long lasting inks, network printing, and much more. Printer makers loose money when they sell you a $99.99 printer, but they make up for it a few weeks later when you need to spend $60 on tiny little ink cartridges.
  • Refill at Walgreens is $10.00
  • Wal-Mart probably.
  • Cartiage World
  • Try ebay
  • Buy a refill kit. Cheaper than dirt. I used to suffer when my kids were small and they would print out any picture they found. I use refill kids now. I was a little slow though... they no longer do that. Hahaha!
  • office max office depot
  • I think just buying a new printer is cheaper then buying ink for them!! It's ridiculous what ink cost!!!!!!
  • I would recommend either Office Max, Staples, or Office Depot.
  • online office depote officemax or any other place that sells ink for printers like wal-greens
  • We have kiosks here in the mall called IsalndInk...They are a chain store.. you take in your old catridges and they refill them for you
  • Have the cartridges refilled. There are a lot of places that do that now. I know that Walgreen does around here.+4
  • Their may be many places where you can find remanufactured inkjet cartridges online, and get good deals but i get them from , they have branded recycled inkjet cartridges and they are very cheap as compared to others.
  • I usually buy my printer ink on LA computer center.I grantee you,they really have a cheap hp printer ink. Check the site for you to look for the ink you are looking for.

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