• My husband is a massage therapist among other things, and yes, I have, but only by him and never in a professional setting or context. It's illegal for professionals to do that. They can lose their licensing or certification.
  • Of course, sexxxxxxxx.
  • Well, most males when receiving a full body massage will end up in a state of arousal .... .... Many of this guys will go ahead and request a "Happy Ending" , themselves ... I have a special disclaimer / waiver that my attorney has drawn up for me .. IF the client wants one that bad , he can sign the paper and I'll do a "Groin Masage" .... notice the wording ... IF he has an orgasam during this period , it is not my fault ... Also; there are books and videos on the Groin Massage ; BUT ... not too many Massage Therapist / Practitioners go to that extent ...
  • Yes, have considerable lower back pain. Had been going to this office and this one gal was keeping it in check. Visited on another day and a different gal. She when a bit further south and as she when up the spine, found a knott and just pressed there for what seemed like years. I hurt so bad when I left I swore I'd never schedule her again. Day later, I couldn't believe how much the pain was gone. Started thinking maybe she had quite a bit to do with it. Man, was I ever happy to schedule her again. Or did you mean the ejaculation thing?
  • Yeah, many times! +5
  • I have, a couple of times, not often enough though
  • I am an LMT and a male. It seems that many men out there want happy endings along with the massage. I don't and won't give happy endings but very discreetly, I find that while working on any one of the legs, that the male organ shows up on the left when massaging the left leg and so forth. I imagine the client(s) is using body language hoping that I get the hint and procede with the "invitation". I just move "our friend" out of the way and go on with the massage. I find that those clients don't come back or realizes that I am a pro and will settle for a professional massage then and in the future visits. At times, the client just "takes care of himself" while I continue with the massage.
  • sure have. never in the states though. only when i was in korea and guam....oh and the phillipenes
  • Yep - they are great - mmmmmmmmmmm
  • and gave them with happy endings lots of times even multiple endings. +5
  • Well if massages from boyfriends count I have but if you mean strictly by a massage therapist, then no. I've never even had a massage given by a licensed person, let alone with a happy ending!
  • Yeah but I had to give it to myself;)
  • the happy ending is the end of the massage for me. after getting run over by a truck i am usually glad its done. chinese and asian massage studios will give happy endings for a tip that is the same price as the massage. yah gotta wanna lotta happiness to pay that much again.
  • Yeah but not from parlor.

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