• Yep, I had to read "Who moved my cheese" and many other things on a daily basis.
  • Oh yes.... a former employer. They took us all in a bus down to Chelsea Piers in the city and made us do all these team activities with props and sports balls. It was a day out of the office but I just found out who the smart people were and who were the dipshits.
  • Yes. And it resulted in a male team member practically grabbing my breast in font of HR. Great day.
  • Yes, The Company I worked for put all their employees through a Senn Delaney team-building course.And I was trained as an instructor.
  • Does praying over the PA system every morning count as team-building exercises?
  • at every yearly conference, they can be quite fun really !
  • Yes, but like all other fad business concepts, it was dropped after less than a year in my office.
  • oh you mean jump through hoops and do tricks for your master exercises? I hate these things. I never understand why businesses expect you to act like a professional, and run a multi-million dollar business like an adult then bring you into meetings and treat you like a kindergarten kid. These exercises are merely coercion tactics used to break you down and embarrass you and make you conform so you are easier to control and manipulate and brainwash. Rarely is there ever any real input, brainstorming or thinking outside the box. The company brings you in to lay out an agenda and have you recite it like a mantra.
  • Technically, I have two places of work right now, so I will explain each: 1. The job where I am on leave for three months - yes, but I have never attended any of them. I think I did not miss anything anyway, because based on the stories of my co-workers, all they did during those "exercises" were eating, singing and swimming. 2. My current job - no. It's just a start-up company. I'm actually employee number 12.
  • I'm in the Army, we do some team building stuff.
  • Yes, unfortunately, the last company I worked for this did once or twice. It was always nice to get out of the office for a day, and it was even fun, but it did absolutely nothing to foster a better team working environment.

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