• You do not say anything about the computers sending and receiving the file. I'll assume a pair of home PCs. what do you mean by fast? You're minimum transfer time will be dictated by your upload speed (usually far slower than download). A typical domestic upload speed is 50k bytes per second.. that works out at 2000 minutes - about 33 hours. If you have faster upload you can go faster. First you need to zip the file (if it is not already compressed). On average a zipped file is 1/2 the size, but database file soften compress much more - to 1/4 or less. As well as shrinking the file, WINZIP can also slice the file into smaller chunks - say 500 MB? - and reassemble after all parts have been sent I've often used AIM ( to transfer files - it's free, reliable and as quick as the link allows. If the transfer fails you can restart it at the point it left off. I've used it on 600 MB files, never as big as 6GB. You just need AIM on each computer, a different screen name logged eon at each end, then the sender does a right click on the receiver's name in the buddylist, and click send file (exact details vary with AIM version). Use the file chooser to pick the file you want to send and click ok.. etc. The receiver has to accept the transfer and it starts. If it fails, just restart it. It will resume. UPDATE Just read the receiver hsa slow download speed. I assume modem? 56k? 33k?we're talking 10 or 15 times as long... AIM should still work but you're now talking days - or weeks. but are you sure you don't want to fedex a pair of DVDs? DL DVD?
  • You can try torrenting it. You will need a torrent tracker (google it, there are many free trackers) and a torrent client (I recommend UTorrent). You will also need to follow quite a few instructions as to how to set up the torrent and how to open the ports of your firewall. It would also be public, meaning anyone else could also download it. Alternatively, download Windows Live messanger (msn) to both computers (if you do not have an account it takes seconds to make one). Then set up a shared folder, place the file into that folder and leave the computers on. It will transfer.
  • thats the thing, impossible to fedex = ill try the AIM thing and we'll see how fast the download goes, but thanks for reply :)

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