• Copyright laws can affect you while using the internet when you copy web pages or part thereof or part of the content of the web pages AND use it for financial gain without the permission of the copyright owner. If you use part of a web site in your own document or presentation, you should state the source where you got it and not pretend it is your own material. To prevent violation of copyright is as difficult as preventing traffic violations. The more inspectors there are, the more people will abide by the law. The other way around is also possible: To make all the work on the internet common property by default.As the material on the internet is accessible for the whole world, create a link to the owner to obtain more valuable copies then the one displayed on the internet.
  • Internet is a wide-open source for information, entertainment and communication. In quest for knowledge and entertainment Internet users cross over a hidden line, thus violating copyright laws that govern the Internet. A common myth about the Internet is that anything posted online can be copied or downloaded. In truth, anything you see on the Internet has the same potential of being protected by copyright as anything you see in the library or bookstore. Under modern copyright law, the formalities of registration and copyright notice are no longer required. Copyright laws are in effect in today's cyberspace. Many works on the Internet are available for public use. However, the author of the work must have explicitly granted it to public domain. If a work is in public domain, granted by saying "I grant this to the public domain," anybody who stumbles upon it can use, take, or copy without giving credit to the owner. Thus it
  • It needs to be publicized in plain language what violates copyright laws.

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