• I don't go to real high school because I am home-schooled. But, I hear stories about people like that and it makes me sick. I hate people like that.
  • happens all the time in my school.
  • It is very sad when teens treat others badly. I know how it feels to be the unpopular one and to always be made fun of. It hurts a lot. And you can't really tell anyone or they just make fun of you all the more. Then when their "click" isn't looking they will be nice because they need something or have no one else to talk to. You are right: It is very shallow behavior and for anyone who is an "unpopular" you have my shoulder to cry on. I completely understand!
  • Really it's all shit. They can all bite it as far as I'm concerned. I hear them talking about their petty issues and I laugh. They make my sick in every sense of the word. There's no other way to describe it. Just, sick, plain and utterly sick.
  • I think that those people should be put out in the real world, where they're forced out of their comfortable clique, where they have to work hard on their own to achieve goals which affect more than just what they're going to wear. For the guys who make girls feel like they're worthless, I can't think of many punishments that are too harsh. These sort of teenagers lead to depression in others, and by getting a high off making others feel low is the most disgraceful of human characteristics. As a 16 year old at school, I come across this problem weekly, if not daily, and everytime I stand up for the underdog, whether physically or morally. F*** those who put others down. It's a form of entrapment, this sick behaviour.
  • Those people will eventually get their just desserts.
  • I wish it was just teens. We're basically all lacking in self confidence and sef worth from time to time. Some of us make ourselves feel stronger by belittling others. In the end, of course, only the mean and rude are really belittled.
  • It's a real problem to me, mainly because I don't understand why exactly people act that way. I guess most people don't want to look bad in their friends' eyes by being nice to an unpopular person (or just not being mean to one), but if everyone just treated eachother decently there wouldn't be a problem. Oh, I'm so confused.
  • Why, I don't think they're very nice at all!
  • I think those unpopular people that may pay more attention to their studies while the popular people pay more attention to girls and bullying, may be their bosses someday, and I petty them then.
  • I feel worse about it now that I have seen that they won't necessarily just outgrow that behavior. Some adults put Junior high schoolers to shame!
  • Im Popular At my School && I Used To Be Like That In Middle School && I Relized How Much It Hurts People. Im A Sophomore Now, && Iv Won Homecoming Queen Two Years In A Row, So Im Pretty Popular, But I Try To Be Nice To Everyone. Its So Nice To See That Look On Their Face Like Wow, She Talked To Me && Didn't Say Anything Mean
  • Yes we hear a lot about that - did not used to be that way when I was a teenager 40 years ago. Those like that don't seem to have any constructive ways of feeling good about themselves so they try to get it by bullying.

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