• spidey
  • neither... in the middle of the fight chuck norris would just round house kick both of them back into the comic books and then go have a beer.
  • Spiderman - hands down. :) Wolverine has some raw power, but gets too sidetracked or off track via his own emotional tangles. Peter Parker / Spiderman has plenty of emotional angst and challenges too, but in the end remembers Stan Lee's "With great power, comes great responsibility".
  • spider-man's stronger, faster and more agile, but wolverine is unstoppable. he owned hulk, wendigo, the hand, sabretooth and every other fool to ever go up against him for the last 35 years.
  • wolverine would win as he cnt die a bullet to the head cnt stop wolverine an spideys powers fade all the time an some times cnt be controlled!! spidey struggles againstpeople like dr oct an king pin wen 1 punch from wolverine would kill them!!

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