• I know everyone does it different. I even recently started making it with lean ground turkey instead of lean ground beef. I brown the meat with chili powder and garlic pepper. I add 3 cans of Rotel (or any other canned diced tomatoes and green chilis), 3 kinds of beans (light red, dark red and black beans), chopped onion and some minced garlic. I cook that in a slow cooker on low all day.
  • an ounce or two of chocolate gives it amazing flavor - trust me!
    • RareCatch
      Brown sugar works well also Nov.02
  • Redcatt I love that recipe. Sounds delish. All I would do to make it to my liking is sprinkle a bit of Tabasco on it. A few crackers on the side and I'm ready for chow.
  • 1 can of Chili w beans 1 can chopped tomatoes with olive oil garlic and basil and some pan fried sliced bell peppers. Simmer then pour on spagetti. Made it last night
    • RareCatch
      Why hello there friend Oh it is so nice to hear from you again This is RareCatch we used to chat all the time on the old site . Remember I was the one who told you to get a owl for your problem? Nice to hear from you I want to hear more from you. Love you Nov. 29

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