• Low hemoglobin in your blood test means less iorn content is less in the blood resulting in lesser ability to absorb oxygen by your blood. Effects: the energy is not supplied to cells as it is required normally. feel tierd very soon less imune system. improper periods for women. how to develop? take honey dipped dates in the evening with a glass of milk. eat the leaves of drumstick or cook drumstick. or women can try corriander leaf this when taken on a regular basis develops hemoglobin in the blood. Ps: Goat Milk and ground nuts are rich content of iorn.
  • The major cause for low hemoglobin is low iron. That, in turn, most often results from eating the wrong food. Vegans who simply stop eating meat without thinking about how to properly replace it often end up with low iron. Femals are more likely to get low iron due to the period.

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