• There is nothing you can can . Call a salon and have i fixed. Your blonde grabbed the base color of the color you used. Here is the advice I gave another female today on home coloring. As a licensed hairstylist and colorist I do not recommend doing your own hair. If you are trying to save money, getting it fixed in the long run will cost you way more money. You cannot put darker color on bleached hair, it will turn black, even color that says, "light blonde" or "dark blonde".. Your hair is probably porous, which means it takes longer to dry and will grab color like water to a sponge. If you use a color with a base, such as ash, gold, blue or violet, your highlighted strands will grab the base color and you will have a mess. Even neutrals can grab green or drab. Also, color does not remove color, so if you make your hair too dark you CANNOT put a lighter color over it thinking it will be blonde again, it will turn orange. Hair goes through levels of decolorization. Also, keeping your hair blonde is hard to retouch yourself. I was platinum for 12 years and just recently went darker. I went to a salon and had it done. I know the consequences of overlapping bleach or color. I don't care who tells you you can retouch your roots yourself, YOU CAN'T. It will look like a bad, uneven color. You will eentually have spots you miss, even holding a mirror in the back of your head while applying. Advice, call a salon and make an appointment. There are alot of low cost salons that DO HAVE EXCEPTIONAL STYLISTS that know color and this can save you money. Go check out your local beauty college and ask for a "Senior/advanced" student, you can get a retouch sometimes for under 30 bucks. Good luck and please take my advice.
  • While I respect the advice of the Pro hair colorist, I do have many friends that color/lighten their own hair at home. You really need a friend to help with the back and all... I color at home and sometimes my coloring comes out less brassy than what is done at the salon! If you really research and study what you're doing with your hair, you can very successful results! You need to learn about the "color wheel" and all about different bases and tones, also.
  • 5-19-2017 You should not do your own hair because you don't know enough. You don't even know the words. Dye means you add color, and that necessarily means i gets darker. Removing color is called bleaching, and it is difficult to predict what color the result will be. So you don't "dye" your hair blonde. You need professional help.
  • Use Color B4 to remove the hair dye. Mixing hair dyes can cause such reactions.

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