• Nope, it wont and never will.
  • I hope not. I hope that my new job survives the global economic slump. It's just a start-up company, that's why sometimes I get nervous. Anyway, I would still have a job without that new job, because I just filed a three-month leave of absence from my previous work. I did not resign.
  • It will effect it quite a bit. Things keep getting tighter and tighter financially, and I have to think up new and clever ways to stretch our dollars and still have a nice holiday with my family. And, my brother just got remarried and his wife also has a December birthday! We have a lot of November, December and January birthdays which makes it even tougher! But, I know a lot of other folks have the same problem. I've even suggesting drawing names to my mom and a few others in the family, and they balked at the idea.
  • No, I don't celebrate christmas and even if I did I wouldn't do it by going out and spending a bunch of money on kinda defeats the purpose of the holiday doesn't it?
  • It won't affect my Christmas celebration but it will certainly affect how much I spend on gifts . . . unless I win the Powerball lottery of course.
  • Yes, it has made me start shopping earlier, LOL.
  • We pared down many years ago. The commercialism got to us bigtime. We refuse to participate in a greedy competition for things..either giving them or getting them and bragging about what we got. So we'll change nothing. Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. It means something. It doesn't teach children to be greedy smaller versions of their parents! Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))
  • Well thats a good question because apparently the UK is going to see some hard times at christmas for everyone.
  • I will be spending a lot less than usual. Love the avatar by the way.
  • Yeah. You all are only getting {{{{{HUGS}}}} Sorry!!!!! Money's tight!
  • I hate to sound dramatic but I will not have one. I was laid off, my unemployment benefits have now expired and I haven't found ANYTHING despite trying every day. So there will be no tree, no presents, nada. Maybe a lump of coal if I'm really lucky.
  • Yeah because whenObama wins I will have less to spend!
  • not the economy of the US but my own personal finances, yes. It did last year as well.
  • OK, so our economy is bad this year and christmas wont be as extravagant as usual. So? In a way we deserve this! We've been living the life of luxury off the backs of those in third world countries for years. they NEVER had a good christmas. Are we really gonna cry and sulk that for once ours is gonna be a little worse than usual? It's still nowhere near as bad as theirs!!!
  • The media makes things worse by spreading fear instead of cheer around the holiday season. Fear is the fuel that keeps the recession going. Let's make sure we don't fill our households full of fear, but rather, cheer this Christmas, and throughout the New Year. As I said in my seasonally altered arrangement of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper... Don’t Fear the New Year Dr BLT altered cover of Blue Oyster Cult classic and as I said in my totally original Dr. BLTune... Spread Some New Year Cheer Dr BLT copyright 2007 Frosty Rock Records
  • Yes, we have cut way back this year.
  • No it won't at all, because I make money online taking surveys and I'm only 15, so it doesn't change anything for me at all!
  • Sure, but lets just be thankful that we have food, water, shelter, and evidently, a PC with internet, LOL. Cos seriously, a LOT of the worlds people dont!
  • it already has... i lost my job

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