• Only if I can watch?
  • No, I think polygamy is ridiculous! But marriage should expire every 10 years, and then you can move on. I think that would be AWESOME!
  • No. It's not feasible in modern society as it is now.
  • Yes. Other than religious views I see no reason this is illegal at all. Someone explain this to me...if it is wrong it doesn't seem very wrong....maybe the headache of trying to please so many people and dealing with jealousy, but if it works, why not??
  • I don't see it improving the dismal marriage statistics any. Heck, I have enough problems with ONE wife, why would I want TWO or MORE? Or more than one husband, for that matter.
  • lol marriage is already undergoing huge issues with the gay marriage and whatnot (vote NO on 8!) i can see polygamy not even making it in the door right now maybe another time i don't know, but whoever gets married to me would be a fool if he thinks i could tolerate another woman with him lol
  • No. We dont need to cater to more weirdos, we have enough in the US.
  • Polygamy has & always will, exist whether it's legal or not. Love is not Possession. The ability to shed one's petty insecurity & open their heart to accept other spouses into their marriage is a gift. Those with the capacity to love more than one person intimately, should not be persecuted. Polygamy should not only be legal, but allowed despite gender. I would argue polygamy strengthens the family unit, by affording more points of view & perception to the relationship. Unlike monogamous marriages where there's only 2 people who typically shut down communication, more voices have a greater ability to mitigate or possibly end potentially huge problems while they are still small or fresh.

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