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  • Your question answers itself! Some do, some don't. :)
  • Yes you did answer your own question. Some women like it, some women do not. Your question sounds like you already knew the answer, since some in your experience like it and some did not!
  • every guys cum tastes different. Its really personal preference and if your cum tastes good or not.
  • I believe it's about 90% attitude. If a girl thinks it's hot to make a guy cum and it's hot to swallow it, then the taste won't matter much one way or the other. If a girl think it's gross have cum in her mouth and gross to swallow it, tasting that cum is a self-fulfilling prophesy. My wife tells me different guys taste different, too.
  • My girlfriend is off and on about it. Although, she says my cum tastes better if I previously ate fruit and it tastes worse if I've eaten a lot of protein like meat and poultry

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