• Because they think we are chimpanses and they still have facial hair! LOL
  • Why should it? In many cultures, the possession of a good beard was a sign of manliness; those without a good beard would be less attractive to women. The modern culture is unusual in having beards as a minority position. And the cost of shaving is probably not enough to drive evolution. And a beard keeps you warm in snowy weather.
  • Keeps me warm in the wintertime. Around here, a lot of men shave in the summertime keeping the beard short, but once the cold weather starts the beards get longer. Springtime comes around and it gets short again.
  • I believe hormones are the cause. So unless we evolve a way out of hormones (which will probably kill us) I think hair is "hair to stay" so to speak! :) Happy Thursday! :)
  • It has, mostly. But evolution doesn't work to your schedule. From a natural selection point of view, what facial hair we have left does more good than harm. Evolution would continue to tweak it, but we started shaving, waxing and plucking, which slows down the process a lot. And on top of that, for probably at least 100,000 years, facial hair has been seen as a sign of maturity for men. Evolution would not favour getting rid of it altogether while it played an important social role, unless it were really detrimental to our survival. And as it happens, it's more like a slight benefit than a disadvantage ("in the wild", that is).
  • You have never been in WI in the winter have you....that is when I let my fur grow.....LOL
  • For evolution to affect a trait, there must be some survival or reproductive advantage to it. If facial hair is still around, it most likely serves some purpose. So my guess is... Ladies like the scruffy look =)
  • Well i think we still have hair because of the helps protect our skin and if not..evolution is a long process that never stops.
  • Because it's still at it.
  • Who says evolution is "done"? . Also, it may stay as one of the primary sexual indicators of a mature male. Even a clean shaven man usually has visible signs of being able to grow a beard.
  • We still have facial hair because there's no advantage, in terms of helping our species survive, for having a bare face, yet as Liev4life38 points out it does help protect us to a very small extent. As we share genetic ties with other primates that are hairy than we are, we as humans became less dependant on body hair when we started clothing ourselves in animal skins several hundred thousand years ago. Evolution takes a really really long time. It probably will happen eventually (hairless faces) but may take a few hundred thousand years the mean time, keep your razor share, lol.
  • We need a law to prevent shaving and waxing to hide defective genes:

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