• it's pretty easy these days because i have almost no friends and even fewer enemies that i know of
  • Keeping one intriguer within our field of vision saved my husband's business. So I strongly believe, that there always people who are eager to take advantage of us. We have to be alert. Always.
  • i have a couple friends left from "the days of way back" other than that im my own enemy and i keep family close
  • Lying effectively.
  • Duplicity, misdirection and bald face lying.
  • if you want to get the jump on the competition you might brush up on the techniques espoused in the prince by machiavelli, the art of war by sun tzu, or the book of 5 rings by musashi. you keep your enemies closer, by "seducing" them. beguile them, make them feel like theyre your "best" friends and ultimately take them down through duplicity. the idea is to get them comfortable so they let down their guard ~ youll be watching their every move for the perfect moment and youll strike a mortal blow when they least expect it. its all really devious stuff and not the way i like to operate. im a straight up person and much prefer friends over enemies.
  • There is no easy way to do it, what you are mentioning comes from a saying that I think goes like this: The friends of my enemies my friends are. It is supposed to mean we are not to have enemies and to keep them as much as friends as you can.
  • I dont, If I dont like someone I cant help but show my discomfort
  • Always utilize them to the best of your ability and act cordially toward those you feel are enemies. They are useful when made sense of and figured out. Read these... The art of worldly wisdom. By : Balthasar Gracian. The 48 Laws of Power. By: Robert Greene. The art of War. Lao Tzu

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