• When the question is asking an opinion that one can agree or disagree with, that is true. However, when there is a question that has actual facts that can be backed up and proven, then an answer that is more complete should receive more points than an answer that is incomplete. Another thing that makes points pointless is the trick of going through the list and up rating or down rating every question and answer regardless of content. As a result the points do not specifically show "trust" in an answer. Again, though, it can be determined that over time, points will allow people who give good, useful, trustworthy answers to be rewarded and people who don't will usually give up and move on.
  • As far as I'm concerned it's all a nonsense, BUT the points are what keep a lot of people coming here - that's obvious from a lot of the questions. You just have to look at the questions on the home page to see what proportion of people are genuinely seeking knowledge or information - not that many in my opinion.
  • Yes, I agree that the points are meaningless, that's why it's funny when people claim that they don't care about the points, but at the same time make a big deal out of someone getting lots of them. I should know. I have been severely attacked and insulted for rising too fast on the leaderboard. The attacks came mostly from users who claimed they did not care about the points.
  • Here's what I find funny; The top contenders say points don't mean anything, but then they'll refuse to answer someones question, because they don't point them up. They also complain about not getting a comment on their answer, but they don't comment when someone answers their questions. No we're not all gonna agree, but we could at least treat people the way we want to be treated, and respect their right to have a different opinion than we do. I don't have to agree, and give a full load even when I don't. Just because their answer didn't help me, doesn't mean it won't help someone else.
  • Agreed. The points ARE meaningless. At least to me. I didn't make it that way. Whoever designed the site did. The points have been meaningless to me ever since I gave an opinion some chicken-$h!t kid didn't agree with. If you pay attention you will notice that when you get DR;ed the DR'er NEVER gives a reason. I suspect thats because they just don't agree. That is not to say I don't enjoy the people here. I do. Very much so. But it is those people that keep me coming back, NOT the points. For me the points are meaningless but for many, many people they are everything. Therein lies the problem. (IMHO)
  • For me it is fun just to answer the questions. They make me stop and think. The points may be meaningless, but it is fun to move to the next level. I agree that some people do base their point awards on what they want to hear in an answer, but for the most part I think everyone is pretty fair about awarding the points.
  • I whole heatedly agree, but it's still quite fun to wield the power of the point system.
  • I joined AB after it changed to the current point system. I often wonder if AB would be as popular, the front page boasts over 591,000 members, if there were no point system. Or if some people would have stayed. So many appear to treat points and the all-time leaderboard positions as a game. In the end, point mean nothing. As many have said before, what can you trade them in for? NOTHING!
  • why would points be meaningless? people take the time to read your question or answer and they show their appreciation of you and your thoughts by giving you points. how can one dismiss appreciation of others? and yes, i think some answers are better than others ~ funnier, more informative, more heartfelt, more thoughtful and they do deserve recognition from their peers. as for those who disagree, i also agree thats its their prerogative to deduct points. it lets the person answering or asking the question know that what they said did not resonate with others ~ maybe it was rude or ignorant or myopic or nonsensical in an obnoxious way, whatever... but it i believe it lets the person proferring their viewpoint know that there are others out there who arent on the same wavelength. as a side note though, i think that out of respect one should always post ones thoughts when dring someone.
  • Hi Rosie. No I don't fully agree. That is a very general statement about points being meaningless. Prejudice is a harsh word in this case. Prejudice is an occasion in which a group of people is frustrated by a stronger group which is too powerful or remote to be aggressed against, thus they displaced the aggressive behavio r onto weaker groups, which serve as a scapegoat. Affective Prejudice refers to what people like and dislike. An example of affective prejudice might be found, for example, in attitudes toward members of particular classes such as race, ethnicity, national origin, or creed. Conative Prejudice refers to how people are inclined to behave. Conative prejudice is regarded as an attitude because people don't act on their feelings. An example of conative prejudice might be found in expressions of what should be done if the opportunity presented itself. These three types of prejudice are correlated, but all need not be present in a particular individual. Someone might believe a particular group possesses low levels of intelligence, but harbour no ill feelings toward that group. I think disagreeing with something someone says doesn't necessarily mean you're not being helpful. If they want to Downrate or Uprate a question or answer, that is their business, not a thing we can do about it. Such is life. Happy Thursday ;))
  • Yes, I've changed my user name for now until some personal issues are smoothed over. Antonia was my name before I was adopted. ;)
  • I agree with what you are saying because I see much abuse with how some users apply their points. As far as prejudice is concerned, some users immediately downrate answers which express views that are contrary to their own. This often leads to hostility, drama, and ugliness in the comment threads. Users hate to see their answers downrated when they are sincerely expressing what they believe. As for me, the only meaningful way to use points is to give them. It's not like I'm paying people money for answering my questions. I give out points freely because people deserve credit for reading my question and taking the time to answer it.

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