• I could only be called a 'very bad Christian', but I'd have to say 'absolutely'. What I believe (in the grand scheme of things) doesn't really matter. It might matter to me, but what do I matter? We're all really very small indeed - we just don't realise it. If we did, and accepted it, we wouldn't get so indignant when someone disagrees with us.
  • There is no such thing as Freedom of Speech. The said question contains its own answer.
  • Extremely committed. The minute speech against my beliefs is outlawed, it is only a matter of time before my freedom to say (or worship) what I want will be outlawed as well.
    • Majik-1
      It occurs at exactly the same second!!!
  • I was born and raised as a Christian. I had to go to Catholic school and go to church every Sunday. I never believed it. Believe what you want to believe, not what a book says and not what you are told to believe.
  • Very committed. If someone says that Jesus was a madman, or similar according to their own belief, that's up to them. Remember, we are not to resist evil people, but tolerate them with gentleness. We have to remain totally committed to free speech, because that's all it is.. SPEECH. Its only when speech interferes with lawmaking and forces us to deny what we believe (if that ever happens), that we are to start rejecting so called free speech.
  • I am very committed to freedom of speech. The problem is that people forget that freedom of speech goes both ways. The recent issue about the crucified frog was a freedom of speech issue. If an artist, using her or his freedom of speech, is going to create a piece of art then he or she must allow others to use their freedom of speech to praise or criticize the art. The Pope and many other Christians believe this piece of art is blasphemy and they used their freedom of speech to say so. By the way, blasphemy is speech, thought, or action involving contempt for God or the Church, or persons or things dedicated to God. Sometimes it seems that Christians are the only ones in the world who are not allowed freedom of speech. With love in Christ.
  • Truth is unchangable. It will never go against freedom of speech.
  • The concept..freedom of speech..well, if you only accept that speech with which you agree then you don't believe in the freedom for others to have a different viewpoint. So, I say...speak..say what you have to say..I won't fall apart, melt, cry or wilt. Just allow me to have my say, and we'll be even! :) Happy Wednesday! ((hugs))
  • People should have as much freedom to speak their minds, as you or I should have to disagree with them. We can't all be right, but we can discuss our differing points of view. I don't see any harm in it.
  • Remember that you're asking people who believe that they have been given freewill to make one of only two choices
  • I love you Anti. You ask the best questions. Lol. I was thinking about this, I'm curious to see the answers, after all the youtube videos I watched today against Hamlet 2. You just beat me to the question.
  • AS long as I have freedon to reply.
  • Quite committed, especially when I realize that the one who is speaking needs to be committed to a nunnery, or at least an asylum. I hear that courtesy of the events of Batman Begins, Arkham has a few openings . . .
  • totaly. i'm not here to judge others. I can be true to my faith and not be judgemental.
  • why pick on Christians? Even the government doesn't believe in freedom of speech - the filibuster uses speech for the sole purpose of denying someone else their right to speak.
  • Idont have an answer, but I do want to say EXCELLENT QUESTION!!!! (btw, not all Christians are hypocrites and Christians are prolly amoung the most targeted group when it comes to freedom of speech, i.e. you cant say GOD in public)
  • The 1st amendment trumps all and will be garuanteed by the second amendment. The mind and voice is who we are, learn to seperate one self from a individual belief and accept on being tolerant.
  • You can ask that question of everyone on the planet. How about you?
  • As a Christian, I believe that each person has the right to do & say what they wish. Although each of us have a so called freedom of speech. It dose not mean that each of us have to agree on the other person's point of view. Nor do we Christian's or Non Christian's have to listen. A TRUE CHRISTIAN knows from within, what is good or evil. And everyone has a choice to make in their life. It is a freedom of choice that only they can decide the path they wish to live in this life. The decisions are left up to them to make. No one else can make it for them. All anyone else can do, is advice them through their freedom of speech. But in the long run it is, left up to each of us. To chose our path in life...............M.C.S.
  • In my opinion, the Bible is just a book. All the writings and stories were collected and put together around 500AD when Christianity became accepted and popular. The book teaches some great morals, but it is not the word of "god".
  • I think we should ask everyone that question. We always get a little ruffled feather when someone speaks against what we hold personal. Yes many Christians get all fired up, but so do many other people with their own belief. But yah Christians should be using their ears twice as much as their mouth. God gave them 2 ears and one mouth for a reason.
  • Very. I would die defending your right to attack my beliefs or those of anyone else.
  • I am 100% committed to freedom of speech.
  • 100%. The 1st Amendment came as a response to persecution of Baptists within the colonies. They were frustrated and wanted the new government to ensure they had the right to freely worship. Check out Jefferson's letter at the link below for his response to the Baptists requests. It is very enlightening.
  • People have exercised their freedom of speech against my beliefs since I became a Christian. It's nothing new and they can continue to exercise this freedom all they want to because it will never break my faith nor will it change in the least how I believe.
  • I am equally committed. If I have a right to express my thoughts,views and opinions,you have every right too. Free thought is not a threat to truth. Everyone has the basic right to express themselves,but I do think,there is something to be said about [a]form presented (It's not what you say,but how you say it). [b] venue presented in(Not all things are suitable or appropriate for all audiences).
  • Extremely. You have the right to say what you want. So do I. If we disagree then we can argue, fight or agree to disagree. But neither has the right to silence the other.
  • I have no answer. I just want to say great question. It should apply not just to Christians though.
  • I don't have to like what you have to say in order to defend your right to say it!!! I am locked in to my beliefs & your opinion probably wouldn't change a thing. IF you do change my beliefs, then I wasn't as committed to my beliefs as I thought I was!!! We live & learn!!! Jesus says that we are to love EVERYBODY!!!
  • Not precisely, the Bible encourages Christians to speak the truth in love. Ephesians 4:15 "Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ,"
  • I signed a blank check for up to and including my life to defend your freedoms. Would you do the same for me?
  • I'll admit: I'm not completely behind the concept of freedom of speech. I think that there ought to be limits. BUT...banning the "bashing" of religion (any particular religion or religion in general) is NOT one of the limits that should exist. Unlike many nations that DO by law restrict such things, our nation should NOT. Such a ban is counter-productive. *** What sort of freedom of speech bans SHOULD exist? In my opinion: any speech that (a) is distributed without charge to the general public (e.g. television, radio, internet - i.e. universally available speech) and (b) is counter-productive (read: harmful) to society. Examples: Urging others to commit crimes (from rape to illegal drug use to murder to what-have-you). Promoting prostitution, child abandonment, and any anti-family values. (The traditional family is an institution that has a TREMENDOUSLY positive affect on society. Any speech opposing it opposes the health and welfare of our society.) *** IN OTHER WORDS: we might say: the ban should be similar to 60s TV censorship. Non-universally-available media - such as print media - should have complete freedom, but care should be taken to prevent minors from purchasing such media if it contains inappropriate content.
  • Freedom of speech is one of the unalienable rights given by our Creator. What speech are you referring to that "goes against the beliefs" of Christians? There is nothing in the scriptures that regulates what people can say. The closest thing to it is when the Bible warns against speaking against the Holy Spirit - and even in this instance, you're not prohibited from doing it. What you say is your choice - if you make bad choices, you have to answer for it.

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