• There are so many reasons to give up, to die. But you only need one reason to live, and if you look hard enough you'll find it.
  • Post questions about suicide on AB =) Then use the humor to live on.
  • Realize that in all likelihood, you won't always feel that way. Not only that, but you might feel better sooner rather than later. Then you hang onto life with all the strength you can muster, having faith in yourself. What's gone wrong in your life that's taken away your desire to live? Counseling usually helps. And don't forget the basics like a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. Sometimes when I've felt like I didn't want to live any longer, much of that stemmed from mental and/or physical exhaustion. Good luck!!
  • It would be much better to think of the cause of this pain, grief and confusion. Now sort it out. What is the #1 reason that you feel this way? Now.........GET angry! Don't let this beat you!!!!! Stand up, be something about it!!!!!!!YOU have the controls!!!! Nip it in the BUD!!!!! Say......NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!! I will not let this happen anymore! You deserve to be happy, to live everyday with peace, and a smile on your face! We all get beaten down, but by God-------- GET UP!!!!!! GET UP, MOVE, Make a difference!!!! Talk to us about what's bothering you, you are not alone! We care! (((((((HUGS)))))))))
  • I'll just wait to die thats all.
  • i have never been there, but ive had friends who have and ive given them all the same advice...i would reach out to others and start giving... stop focusing on yourself and your unhappiness and you wont feel so alone anymore. when you give love and service, the world blesses you a thousandfold. heres a quote by viktor frankl who survived the holocaust and wrote a beautiful novel, mans search for meaning... those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how.' if a man who has survived unimaginable suffering in life and find can you. its all a mindset. find your raison detre and follow your dreams. :D
  • I used to not want to live anymore. I decided that instead of ending my life, I would party hard and enjoy life instead. Now I love life and I don't party that hard.
  • Well...i had depression and i had the same view but after i discovered that all lifeform is connected to a great energy (we call it god but trust me its more than that!) i decided to stay and finde out more about it.
  • do whatever it takes to push those negative thoiughts out of your head. Life is so worth living no matter how bad it gets. I would like to share a video with you that has helped me when I felt like giving up. I apologize in advance if you are not a religious person I mean no offense by sharing this with you.
  • keep living anyway
  • Keep living and while I'm doing that I'm searching for what I have to live for. :)
  • Use your imagination to find something interesting and/or creative to contribute to the rest of humanity.
  • Put in your head life will get better,,good luck
  • i guess untill you have felt that way, which i have and am at the moment it seems easy to just say, forget about it and move forward and for those of you that have, thank you enough for caring and trying to make those of us that feel this way better. It's a mental issue that goes through your head every day, telling you over and over, it would just bring you peace, it will be over, your tired and this is the way to get the tranquility you are seeking. It's a voice, every day that tells you this, it's a voice that starts to rehash every reason why you feel this way, the people that make you feel like this. If you have the type of personality where everything that happens in your life you take personally, it's hard to keep you head up and keep it going. Everything bad is your fault no matter how much you tell yourself it isn't. all i can say to those out there like me is know that your not alone, know that someone else is sitting there feeling exactly like you do, struggling to find a reason to keep going. find those other people, don't feel so alone and hopefully, together we can find strength in each other
  • man, I've felt this way for most of my life. Since like, high school, and now i'm almost done in college. Everyday, the thought of killing myself passes through my mind. I kept that mentality of "just keep going, things will turn around, it'll be your turn soon, don't give up" but, now, after like 5 years, it's getting really hard to keep going. It is getting harder each and each time when I have to talk myself back into living. That is how I feel now, that I have to convince myself to live. I wish that I could just enjoy life, I see people happy, smiling everywhere, and everyday I put on my mask, hiding my pain from the world. I show myself smiling, laughing at jokes, like everything is ok, but then when I go back to my room, I look at my window, and how easy it would be to just jump out and land head first on the pavement and just end it. I feel like things arent going to get better, that they are just going to get worse, because before I at least had friends to get me through it, now I am on this boat alone. It was a trio of us, we were best friends, and our problem, virginity. The most forsaken and painful word in my life. One of those friends got a girlfriend, through sheer luck, god layed his hands out and just threw a cute girlfriend right into his world without him having to even do anything. And the other friend, now lives far away. So, everyday, now I see the friend with the girlfriend, and he tells me of all the "fun" things he's done with her, and don't get me wrong, I feel happy for him, and it's not that I'm jealous either, but when will it be my turn. I am 20 years old now, still a virgin, just wasting away in my own head, fighting my own internal dialog to trick myself into living. I have never had a girlfriend, I don't know how, and I don't know if anybody would even want to. The most I've ever done is just make out with a girl, and I've only done it on two occasions in my entire life. The loneliness tears me to shreds. I have plenty of friends, and I don't want anymore. I don't need anymore goddamn friends, I just want somebody to love me. I mean, I'm no Brad Pitt, but I'm not like that ugly. I'm just the typical medium height skinny kid. All I've ever wanted all this part of my life is a girlfriend, someone to care, to give a shit about me. If I did end myself, I wonder if anyone would care, obviously it would affect my family and like close friends, but nobody, nobody, would be affected in the sense that maybe ever in their life would they have wanted to been with me. I'm such a nice guy, I hold the doors for people, if somebody drops something I'll help them pick it up, so I don't understand why it feels like God is punishing me to eternal damnation and loneliness. Every night when I go to bed, the first thing that comes to my mind is, what if I just had a cute little girlfriend here, holding me, the comfort, the warmth, maybe the love. Then I hear of all these big stupid asshole Bro's that would get like a girl straight from my dreams, and they treat them like shit, cheat on them, the works. Virginity isn't even really the problem, if I just had a girlfriend, even if we didn't do "it", as long as I had somebody, I've just always wanted to know what it is like to feel loved, by somebody else. Having somebody care for you in that way. That is all I want. So every night I deal with that, I don't know how many pieces of my soul are left to be ripped and torn off from these internal struggles.
  • Stop listening to Pantera and Megadeath, go outside for some fresh air, call your mom and tell her you love her.

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