• The electric company says 10-12 years.
  • I don't expect a refrigerator to last. not any more.
  • Not very long anymore. Ice makers are usually the first thing to go, and they often need repair within the first year. The insides are all plastic and they often get brittle and break, not like the all aluminum monster that my grandmother handed down to my mother that she bought new in the fifties. Frost free freezers are more likely to have issues than those you have to defrost.
  • It is hard to say with the quality of the appliances that are being built these days. When I was a kid, in the early sixties, home appliances were built to last for several decades. These days....we purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator some three and a half years ago and a GE clothes dryer less than six years ago...and they both have rust spots on several areas. Looks life five years will be the answer to your question if it is applied to today's appliances.
  • Once the manufacturer's warranty ends, you're on your own. Take a look at user reviews for that model on Amazon or google it for other sources. If there are a lot of the same complaints for that model, you'd be better off ditching it now.
  • not sure but mine has been around almost 6 yrs and i havent had problems with it

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