• Y2K scare turned out ok, 9-11-01, War on terror, bioterrorism, unstable stock market, George Bush, gas price gouging, recession, public smoking bans, gay marrage, smaller eye glasses, rice burners, last of the big SUV's.
  • All of the above plus the good things. A great thing that came from something bad has to be the fact that on 9/11 America pulled together like it did. We all laughed when Martha Stuart went to jail. I met the love of my life as did many others. For you techno geeks Sony released possibly the most powerful cell processer ever. Hughesnet finally got a new commercial. Vince McMahon got his head shaved. Somebody finally made a Batman movie with out rubber nipples on the batsuit. Anime and Manga went mainstream. A new Indiana Jones. A new Die Hard. Three horrible yet slightly enjoyable Star Wars prequels. If you all think back on the past years you'll each remember something good about it. By the way the decade would end at the end of 2010. Decade=10yrs.
  • I see you have a lot of question marks in there. I do have a talent for using my brain and I analyze everything. I find out as many details as I can about anything. I research a lot. And I do a lot of figuring with numbers and finances. I feel like an emotional wreck some of the time. I mean I do have some problems. Physically I'm ok. I haven't worried myself sick yet. And spiritually I really tried but it just seems like I can never be good enough for God. I work in a factory so I don't get much opportunity to use my brain there. I do think a. Lot while I work though. I get other people thinking sometimes. I don't know what I really want out of life. I just can't seem to figure it out. What I really want is to be happy but I don't know what would make me happy. I did achieve my last three major financial goals thanks to a class that I took a year and a half ago. It was a class called "Financial Peace University" by Dave Ramsey. Check into that. You might like it. Its good for anybody. I think I would make a good instructor for that class. But now I am so worried about the recession/depression that it is holding me back from making any goals at all. I feel like we as a country do not have a future. We might all starve to death before its over. I'm terrified because I don't know how to prepare for something I can't understand. Anytime I think about something I would like to accomplish as a long term goal my mind always goes back to thoughts of the greater deperssion and the civil unrest we may face. And suicides. Its going to get bad. My grandma is elderly and in poor health. I help her with whatever I can. Usually outside work in the yard etc. But then here I go again. If we have a depression and she cant afford oxygen and nebulizers and stuff like that then I'm afraid she will die. I probably have obsessive compulsive disorder and that's what causes these obsessive thoughts. Here is a question for you..... If you were in a strange state of mind such as a dream or a vision or something like that and you could see your brain what do you think you would see on your mind?
  • September 11th 2001 Modern terrorism Google Texting Immigration Economic Recession I Pods Swine Flu Bird Flu MRSA Iraqi war Afghanistan Political Correctness(gone mad) Obesity and diets Reality T.V
  • 9/11 Election of President Obama Global credit crunch

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