• Its a form of speed - however in prescription doses we are talking a hit of meth or crank that is less than 1% of a gram - ergo it comes in milligrams. For patients with ADD, it can tend to have the reverse effect - meaning it calms them down. for people with out ADD it makes them wired. I would say that one average dose would be equal to a few cups of coffee - wired a bit but not flying high. doing more will act like a low dose of speed - with the same risks and problems as well as the 'high'. Of course in order to get the 1/4 gram slam of you would have to take a pretty big dose of adderall. Oh it could kill you in smaller doses than many use street meth - since it is mixed with salts and other things which tend to react badly with a tweaking body in higher doses.
  • besides death you fry your brain and body...enjoy

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