• Motivation. Shame on me! I really need to stop eying that treadmill with contempt and just get off my bum and do it :)
  • I would say money and motivation. We spend a lot of money on things we dont really need like new tv's, shopping all the time, rather then taking a week of and not smoking cigarettes, just swimming and enjoying ourselves at a health resort. And then again we rather stay home and just enjoy life the way it is!
  • Its all about time for me.. friday-sunday im seeing my gf so i cant workout then. then monday-thursday i keep putting off either working out or working on my car and other things. It only takes a little over an hour if that to work out but still if i work on my car, i dont wanna work out because im greasey and what not. if i work out i dont wanna work on my car cuz i just wanna relax and shower... it sucks lol
  • Time! If I could do with less than six hours sleep I could actually work out, but I probably spend too much time preparing healthful foods. Such a dilemma???
  • Both time and money.
  • Laziness/motivation for me. Time is can always make time. People just don't want to make time. They find something else more interesting, etc. Money is out. There are a ton of exercises you can do that cost nothing and a lot of healthier food options I could make that would cost less. Junk food temptations are big, but that goes along with the laziness for me. Junk food is usually easier and quicker than making a healthy meal.
  • Time! I'm to busy working during the day and then in the evening I'm busy getting supper and taking care of the kids. I already don't get 8 hours of sleep so if I decided to find time to exercise than I wouldn't get any sleep.
  • Im getting old and things dont work the way they used to.
  • you know what i dont know, maybe junkfood or money? i work out almost every day (say 6 days a week) and i walk 2 work mon-sat...but i suppose i dont have the healthiest of dinners. im really fussy so dont like a lot of veges, i have fruit daily tho. but i never know when to say 'im full' and stop eating. and i cant afford to buy the proper 'slimming foods' so i always go for the cheaper for fatty option!
  • Boozing on the weekends... I do everything else: eat healthy, hit the gym 5 days a week, run.... but it's so fun to get loaded out of my brain on Friday night!!
  • Motivation. With enough motivation you don't want to eat the junk food, and, you make the necessary time available. I don't think money is much of a factor in being healthy.
  • Lack of current health problems. I'll prolly wait until it's too late.

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