• Don't stop working. Contact Lutheran Services, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, etc. for advice on housing. Avoid public assistance, and you will be far better off. Best of luck to you.
  • First of all, go get emergency assistance from your social service office. You should be able to get emergency housing right away. I wouldn't quit your job though, that just seems like a bad move.
  • How about friends or family? Or a local YWCA?
  • you cant get welfare when you quit a job, i did that and they made me wait 6 wks to apply for it, they punish you for doing that. you could try resorts, i used to work in those places and id see them take in the homeless all the time, you could try renting a room from someone, thats always a lot cheaper than getting your own place
  • I realize your situation is long past. But if anyone is in this situation they need to look up the homeless shelters in their area and apply to all of them. When I was living in a homeless shelter there were people there who had jobs they just stayed there until they could save up enough to get their own place. also apply to your local housing authority. there will be social workers in both places that can help you find the assistance for which you qualify.
  • But you have a computer?

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