• If the earth stopped spinning, the light from the sun would cycle from night to day over a period of 365.25 standard 24 hour periods. The plant life on the dark side would perish and the plants on the sun side would cook. The polar ice would likely melt on the day side and condense on the dark side. Without the benefit of plant life, oxygen conversion from CO2 to O2 would diminish. Co2 levels in the atmosphere would increase, leading to a massive greenhouse effect and all life on the planet would need to adapt or die.
  • Gravity would stop and everyone and everything would float off into space.
  • the sun also would probably be facing only one side of the earth, which means that side could overheat, so to speak. and the side that got no sun would completely die off also. the whole ecosystem would be thrown off.
  • half of the earth would be frozen in darkness,the other half would bake like a potato.
  • the earth is traviling at 1100 mph if the earth would stop the atmossphere would keep moving and clear the earth of life
  • Inertia would make me fall down.
  • Oxygen would be gone. Gravity would be gone. Everything we had to adapt would suddenly vanish.
  • Fall off? Crash against something? No seasons?Lots of things may happen but it won't!
  • We all fly off at about 2000 ft a sec. We all die.
  • Wtf?! Gravity wouldn't stop people, gravity comes from the MASS, not from the spinning... Well if the Earth suddenly stopped to spin, at first, we would have winds of up to 1000mph, if you consider the atmosphere would keep spinning. Yeah everything not tied to the surface would go flying too, until drag would slow them down to a halt. As people said, one side would get hotter than the other (for half an year each). Still, the atmosphere and the oceans would transport heat to the dark side too. The tide cycles would change a bit, as the rotation of the Earth influences them. The Moon would stop going away from the Earth as it does now (don't get desperate people, this is VERY slow). Some atmospheric phenomena would cease or reduce drastically in intensity, like Hurricanes, which are caused by the Coriolis effect in the atmosphere. And the list goes on...
  • I dont see how oxygen or gravity would be gone , like some previous answers stated. It just doesnt add up. What would happen? Lots of things. Between the extreme heat, and the extreme cold, lots of life would be destroyed, plant and animal. Our weather patterns would certainly be disrupted, and we would have to find a new way to keep track of time!
  • We'd all get whiplash!!!!
  • Some would freeze to death and some would burn to a crisp. really glad the world goes round and round.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you dig this question out of the archives? Or did someone before you do that?
  • How do you know it is spinning ?
  • 5-21-2017 Everything in the universe spins. No exceptions. If a charged particle moves, that is an electric current. An electric current produces a magnetic field. The combination of motion, current, and field forces a spiral path. So everything made of charged particles spins.
  • if it stopped spinning immediately everything that's not anchored to bedrock would go flying at 1100 miles per hour. I was also surprised to find that without the spinning of the earth our gravity would diminish over time. Days would be without end. It would be cold and dark for 6 months out of the year or sunny and hot for 6 months out of the year

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