• some cities are, but for the most part, no. just go to Montana and look around.
  • Naaa. Standing in our own 6 foot by 6 foot square patch of land, every single human being on the face of the Earth could fit in the state of Maryland (with room to spare yo...). Maryland is the tiny one one the right marked MD -
  • Yes, it is over populated with people that are so incredibly greedy they could have more than anyone else and still feel it's not enough! It's over populated with people that are so corrupt that they can't imagine the other end of the spectrum any longer!
  • it is all relevant, comparer to Australia yes, compare to china no
  • Nope. The cities are, in my opinion. But where I live and other areas have plenty of room. There are miles and miles with no houses or people.
  • Getting there.
  • I think it was a long time ago. More people are being born than are dieing yearly..if it's not overpopulated now, give it 5 years.
  • Take a look. Seems to me like there is plenty of room for people.
  • Of course not. Problems often attributed to overpopulation are really issues with poverty and poor resource management. But we as a society need to do better managing the environment and our resources. So much of "suburban" life is based on excess - larger homes than we need, larger cars than we need, eating more food than we need. It consumes unnecessary money, resources, energy, etc. Making necessary changes in the right direction will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for everyone.
  • Nothing like. Just overcrowded in small places... and often mismanaged in others
  • No, but AB is.
  • Not overpopulated but in some places they take up the space of three men
  • Some of the big cities are overpopulated but there are plenty of rural areas that are sparsely populated.
  • Yes! very much so. so is the rest of the world
  • with idiots.....
  • Yes. The whole world is overpopulated with humans. This isn't about physical space but the requirements that humans impose on the planet. We are WAY over ideal population.
  • Just send a few million up into Canada. Plenty of room left.
  • No. "Compared to other countries around the world, the United States does not rank within the top 50, in terms of population density."
  • There are lots of open spaces but that doesnt mean those spaces are adequate for population growth. Do those places support big businesses so people can have jobs; do the states have budgets to build millions of dollars worth of highways; do those locations have access to utilities and water; do those places have weather that support population growth or do they have floods or twisters or more months of snow than not? Space does not automatically mean its usable or financially feasible.
  • No. In fact the whole world population could fit into America with a parking lot of space each. The problem is not overpopulation but very poor use of land.
  • i think so

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