• Do I respect every mother? No. But I do respect the mothers who are doing everything they can to take care of, and raise their children, but those who aren't or don't care, I have no respect for.
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      I do not think you were asked to read single mothers reasons & behaviours. Pay attention in future to the question.
  • My mum's a single mother, and it isn't easy. I respect every woman who has to look after her children because the dad doesn't care.
  • Mothers are really humans who are tested beyond human capablities- first the conceive and bear the symptoms then they bear the pain of delivery, then they bear the upbringing and disciplining as well as academically. On top of that she has to juggle housework and work- finances and social stigma. What a challenge whether the mother is supermom or not- is a really tough on them- some pull it through, some crack up- but we can't judge all of them with the same measuring rod. Every mother is special whether she succeed or fails- those who fail do not need our condemination instead needs our help all the more to cope with her problems- there's too much pain too few healings.
  • It took me a while to sort out what you were asking, but I think your question boils down to "Does being a single mother affect how much you respect single mothers?" Being one will certainly give you a better insight into what it takes to be a single mother... but the only people who can really answer your question are women who knew a single mother, and later became a single mother. Only they will have any way of comparing the two points of view. I do not qualify. That said I've known two single mothers fairly well, and had nothing but respect for both of them. I sometimes think I should have married the first one.
  • Equally as compared to a married mother? I don't know if I understand your question but I have been a single mother of 2 and for me it didn't really seem any different than it was when me and their dad were together. I worked then and continued to work, the responsibilites of the kids were mine when I was with him and after. I had always been the caretaker and always will be. He does get them ever other weekend for visitation but that is it. I guess my point is a mother is a mother regardless if she is single or not. Some may have a husband or s/o that helps them but most of the time you will find that the mothers do most of work when it comes to the kids.
  • No, I used to be a single mother, and I think each person on this earth earns my respect individually through their own merits, regardless of whether or not they are raising children, by themselves, or alone.
  • I respect mothers that are doing there best by their kids. Period. I am in awe of some of the single mothers I know. I know one in particular who has 2 children, goes to school, gets awesome grades and has a full time job. I jokingly asked her what she does in her spare time. She doesn't know what "spare time" means anymore. She is a dynamo, and I have the utmost respect for her. (PS- Her kids are really sweet, wonderful kids who know their momma loves them...)
  • Thanks everyone for your honesty;)
  • What does being one or knowing one have to do with respect? I give basic human respect and dignity to all people. Any respect beyond that is earned. Their status as a single mother is irrelevant to my assessment.
  • Jesus.. why not, Total respect for a single mother, walk in their shoes for one day!
  • the second one since im not a mother
  • In my business, I hired many single Moms. I don't know how they do it and get by every day. They are Supermoms!
  • I don't know how single mothers do it.
  • no single mothers raise boys not men.

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