• I think through experiences in life. I also think that once someone realizes how much confidence can impact something, they want to do that over and over again.
  • I think it comes from a parent. If they are/where confident you'll probably be the same way. Or it can be learned through courses or psycological help.
  • We're not talking about bravado or arrogance, right? For me confidence comes from success at something..learning how to cook, discovering I have a knack for it, having my loved ones look forward to my meals..that breeds a certain amount of confidence. Now, I still have disasters of know, stuff you dump in the trash or down the garbage disposal..but that happens rarely. Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • Confidence come from the knowledge of the fact that you can do the require task. It can be acquired thru the upbringing, or it can be learned with experience. The difference from the people who has it from the one who does not is basicly the realization (or the lack of realization) of the self potential.
  • I had to learn it.....
  • Knowledge is gained by experience.

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