• Pretty much. Sometimes it seems AB doesn't notify you about every single answer to a question, though, so if say 3 answers come in for the same question at once, I may only see one of them.
  • Absolutely! I want someone to give me a point or two if my answer helps them! If I like to help people, but I have to know my help is actually wanted. If you don't want my help, I'll go away. So, if I appreciate someone's help, I thank them in the best way available - I give 'em a point.
  • Yeah, unless the answer is an obvious smartass remark or insult. It's happened before. Otherwise though, points away.
  • Yes. When it comes to conversational questions I almost always award full points (There's seldom a right and wrong in those). In the case of factual questions, I check the veracity and helpfulness and try to rate accordingly.
  • Always :-)
  • Yes, I try to unless I don't get the e-mail letting me know someone answered.
  • Yes and I will also up-rate all who answer poorly as long as they show effort. I also up-rate every question I answer. I do this because it is evident their question was good enough for me to answer it deserves points. I often will read through others answers and point them up if I enjoy what they have said.
  • I try to - it depends though. If I already know the answer and the response is totally off-topic or blatantly wrong, then no, not necessarily. Some questions have different answers though (personal beliefs or opinions) so it really depends on the question. Did I answer that 'well'?? =)
  • I give the maximum amount of points to anyone who takes the time to answer my question, unless they are rude and insulting. I don't bother with the Thank You's to each answer, but if someone was really helpful I will let them know.
  • I always give points and try to make a comment related either to the question and the way they answered, or simply to their answer. I also always thank them for answering. (The comments are where I ask about those answers that don't really answer my question.) After all, they DID answer my question, right? ;-)
  • Yep ... anyone who takes the time to answer a question of mine, gets points (even if I don't agree with the answer). I think in my time on "the 'Bag", I may have NOT given points only once or twice, and that was only when I was cussed, or when someone was very rude and obnoxious. I don't even use the DR because, when I ask a question, I'm only asking for someones "opinion", (and most times, even when we disagree, I still learn something from the other people).
  • sometimes i just give points to ppl who make me laugh.
  • I always give points im a little points monster at heart:-)
  • sure do
  • If they answer the question i give points to them, yeah.
  • Even those who answer badly...I reward their efforts...

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