• If you used an aftermarket to OEM stereo wiring harness, did you connect the blue remote output wire from the Pioneer deck to the Blue remote wire input on the wire harness to the car? This will turn on the factory amplifier, and open the signal pathway to the speakers. If you didn't use a wiring harness, you should look at one at the store, take note which pin in the harness is the remote wire, and match it to the color wire from harness you cut out. Connect the remote wire from the deck to the corresponding colored wire in the car. If this is not the problem, please let us know and we can help further.
  • i used a harness kit, the blue wire was labled power antennae so i didnt use it. However it should of been labled remote. Thnak you
  • Hey Josh, now that my speakers are working I am finding that my sub now isnt. Both the factory amp and aftermarket amp are turning on. At the aftermarket amp both my power and ground are good and + and - are going to the right spot on the amp.

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