• Dump him.
  • Well the first thing you have to do is find out why she hates him and then you/him have to prove her wrong or talk with her and let her know that she raised you well enough for you to make wise decisions and if you make mistakes, they are for you to learn from. Try to understand her point of view and do your best to calm her fears.
  • You can't. Their relationship doesn't have anything to do with you, it's just how they met. If they want to be friendly then it's up to them to figure out how to do that.
  • Actually, he's the one that has to prove himself to her. All you can do is provide opportunities to allow them to get together so she can reevaluate him.
  • Firstly, here's the reason I think his mom loves you. It's easier for her as she's not thinking of the possibilities of things like pregnancy etc having an effect on her life or family. Sorry hon but it is easier for her. Now, as for how you can make your mom like him more, here's a few ideas: Take things slow. Treat him like a friend when your mom's there. Let your mom get to know him. Be open and transparent with her. Let her know if you want, that you're thinking about sex but that you're also aware you need to take things slow and that you won't do anything till you talk to her first if it gets to the point of sex being a real possibility. Ask your mom for the reasons why she doesn't like your boyfriend. Ask her to be really honest- but be prepared to hear stuff you won't like. Work through the list of things with her and ask her how he can improve. Remember your mom worries - she wants what's best for you and also remember she's been in your place before when she was a teen herself. Good luck with everything.
  • your boy friend's mom is blind to what your mom sees. trust your mother. sixteen is a bit young to have a steady boy friend. what do you two do together, that makes your mom angry?
  • Have fun. It's taken my mum 2 years to like my boyfriend. The thing that made her love him was that I was attacked, got pregnant and as far as he's concerned its his child. I would not recommend that route though. Get him to help with household stuff, gardening, painting, cleaning. Maybe than your mum will start to re-analize him.
  • I don't think there's anything that you can do. The question is, why doesn't your Mom like your bf. It sounds like your bf's mom likes you b/c you are well-rounded and have a good head on your shoulders. However, how is your bf treating you, and what is he about? Maybe your mom is looking towards the future, and if he has anything to offer? Or, maybe she doesn't want you getting serious so young. You should talk with your mom and find out her concerns.
  • Let him earn her respect.
  • you guys are young and teens, your mom is probably just tryna look after you. reassure her that hes not bad guy. talk to her about him in a conversational tone, cause acting rebellious ain't gonna help it.

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