• Here is a link to the Bureau of Labor statistics I'm not sure of the correct name of the occupation so heres a good site!
  • I will tell you that Bungie (Makers of Halo)is hiring now and to work for them you have to be a software engineer or a designer. So I am guessing fairly well, but I am sure it will depend on who you work for. There are games out there that you never hear of so I am sure that the paychecks for those are not overly large.
  • Well, I have actually researched this and in 2000, game developers were paid about 70-90,000 dollars a year. Now I expect it is much higher with all the new consols and graphics cards. Well, my dad is currently paying an employee (regular programmer) of the company he works for 210 dollars an hour so... I'd say it pays enough!!! ^_^
  • I was payed $400 a week, but i was working for friends on a minor private project that they weren't all that serious about
  • 500,900,000

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