• Marrying under a tourist visa with intents to live in the US is going to cause you to be looked at closely as a fraudulent marriage. IF you marry this way, your new husband will have to return to his country in order to wait out the visa process, PLUS additional time due to the fraud department taking a look. You may end up having to hire an attorney. By marrying under a tourist visa with intent to live in the US, you create more problems for yourself than just doing it the proper way to begin with. Have your boyfriend return to Switzerland. File for a fiancee visa and wait out the process then get married as soon as he gets the visa. Then file for an adjustment of status. IF you choose to marry now, he will STILL have to return to Switzerland and wait out the spousal visa process plus probable investigation by the fraud dept. Don't invite problems.
  • It will not work! I tried that with my German boyfriend, if he didn't enter the US on a fiance visa you can forget it! My boyfriend was lied to by immigration and told to go to Canada and come back the next day so we would have longer to figure it out, well it was a trap of course! He went to jail in Canada and then was deported to Germany with a travel flag on his passport for 3 years! I'll tell you one thing though, they will not come looking for him if he overstays, but it's a hard life for him and you.
  • I have the same issue. My fiance is Swiss and I am an american citizen. We will get married in Switzerland next month and come back to the US. Will be need another kind of visa. We are planing to come to the US and Apply for residency once he is here in the US. What is the right procedure then? Thanks

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