• You need to elaborate please. Are you talking about Sexually? Financially?? Emotionally? Spiritually? Women are complex and they have many needs and wants.
  • She expects above average I bet.
  • Because she loves you (hopefully) and holds you in high regard, therefore expecting you will be an awesome and perfect husband??
  • Could you elaborate please? In what sense? Could you tell us a little bit more? I think it would help me answer your question. For instance, how long have you been married and since when have you been feeling "inadequate." Also, in what sense? Financially? Sexually? Emotionally? .... Do you have a child? Is it about taking care of the child? Thanks! That would be helpful!
  • It is a fact of life apparrntly. Thats what i keep hearing anyway.
  • Has it been this way since you got hurt and have limitations on your abilities? I'm sorry she's giving you a hard time. As a someone that has similar limitations (I have a herniated disc), my husband has been willing to pick up the slack. We have a 2 year old and I can only do so much due to my back. If she truly loved you, she would do whatever she could to make things easier for you, not harder. I don't know you, her, or the whole situation, but sounds to me like she's the one with the problem not you. Have you tried to calmly talk to her and get her feelings about your situation? Wish I could be of more help, but as I said, I don't think you're the one failing. She should want to help, not hinder, you or your recovery. Good luck.
  • Chances are that you just have bad aim. Instead of meeting the needs you think she has, think she should have, or the needs that you have, you need to ask her what needs SHE has and meet those. We are all different. We all have different needs. We all prioritize our needs differently. Your wife is no exception. (Judging by your wife's questions, getting a job wouldn't hurt your chances of pleasing her. You might also try not staying out all night.)
  • Because she is female and you are male and neither sex seems to really understand the other. Just tell her flat out that you care about her and her happiness and then ask her what you can do to make her happier. If she is any woman at all she will take that as the greatest compliment of love and will talk to you about it.
  • I dont have to try to please her myself and see her reaction to give you a better answer..but thats against my morals.
  • I don't know, but perhaps this question will help: Have you asked her what it would take? And then, have you really listened and tried to do it?
  • Well I can only really answer for my self; I react the same way as your wife. I get really boggled down with the details of our financials and I get really worried about it. I think the basic nature of women is to protect the nest and think plan forward so we do get very stresed out about it. You mention that "you give her money" does that mean that your financials are seperate. If it is then maybe this could be one of the isssues. It would be form me, I wouldent feel that we are planning together for the future .. I dont think I ever look at him in a lesser way if he cant contribute to the same level, but I gat concerned and can come off as nagging. So just try to ba patient your both going through changes.. hang in there and try to talk to her.. anyway I hope this helps .. Good luck
  • Originally, I was thinking maybe she's one of those people who can NOT be pleased, they are out there...people who just are in a rut of being unhappy. But with your additional information, I see that she evidently has some specific worries that are causing her to perhaps be less supportive to your current plight. First off, as mentioned, ya'll need to have a talk...a big talk...not a nag or a scream or a yell...or even a whine...but an honest talk about your fears...I'm sure you have a few as a positive recovery of your injuries to start! If you need a third-party, such as a counselor, then try to find one you can afford. If you both can not speak calmly and ideally KINDLY and LISTEN AND RESPOND to what each of you has to say..not with blame, but with ideas, and acknowledgment of what was said, then you might benefit from a counselor to mediate. Talk realistically about your feelings, your hopes, your plans and ideas and how each of you might support these things coming to be in your lives. Are you going to need to train for a different sort of job for the future? What else would you like to do if this is the case? What can she do to support you doing this, how can you solve the challenges you are now facing TOGETHER? If she is not normally a nagging, unhappy, complaining person, then my guess is that she is AFRAID, frustrated, and feels worried about what exactly is going to happen NOW with your lives. If this IS her normal behavior, then you, my friend might want to consider exactly what will make YOU happy and how to best create that in your life towards the future. (and NO I'm not saying an affair...nope, nope!) I'm talking honest and upfront discussing plans that you both can consider to create a happier life, ideally together.
  • Sorry about your accident and injuries. I am not sure why your wife resents the fact you are basically disabled, what does she expect? Seems to me, being female and all,she is angry for some reason. As long as you are providing, and doing the best you can do, what is her problem? I think it lies deeper. I can only suggest you find a time where the girl is asleep, and tell you wife that you want to talk. Tell her what you told us, and just ask what her problem is? Maybe you can get to the route of the issues by talking.
  • Some people don't want to be pleased. It might not be your but her problem. Find that out first. If so you shouldn't waste your life trying to please someone who just wont have it.
  • Expectations are often part of the difficulty. That and communications. If you would like to have an interesting conversation with her, say something you often say to her. Then, ask her what she heard you say? Then, have her say some thing to you and you tell her honestly what you heard or perceived from her words. You might be suprized what you could learn.
  • I find it a challenge to please my wife. It is worth the effort to please her anyway that I can. Married 33 years, and I still enjoy every minute of it.
  • It sounds like you are doing all you can. Stop trying to please her and please yourself. Ignore her till she comes around. Your situation is not your fault, so don't take responsibility for it. You would help her if she had the same situation.
  • I'm not sure, but I can tell you I am a lady, and sometimes I can be hard to please. I'm learning to back off a little, and accept him for who he is. There has been some changes in him toward me. Sometimes my significant other gets on my nerves, because he's not very romantic, or he watches tv to much, or he does not do that much around the house, or he slacks on some things. One thing I try to do the most is tell him how I feel in a respectful, and courteous way, but I'll only tell him twice maybe in a whole month, and let it slide for awhile. He tends to pick up on things that I desire when I get off his back. I always tell him, how much appreciate him, and all of his great efforts, and I thank him for getting the children off to school everyday because their not even his, except one. He surprises us with sweets, and occassionally cooks dinner for us, and anytime he is home all day, he always makes a snack for the chillins. I do my best to look at the positive sides of the one I love.
  • your wife is so easy to please. she has a problem with liars. that's the thing. and husbands that stay out all night without calling.
  • Details please.

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