• Yes, i believe in this. even though we do have some control over our lives, there are some thin that only fate can control!
  • Life is stamped on your bum the day you are born and that is it.
  • You can ascribe as much or as little meaning to things that happen, as you choose.
  • Yes. Everything happens because of things that happen before it. Much of what happens comes from choice. Whether of not that is fate is beyond my paygrade to answer.
  • The old free will or fate question. Do you have a firm belief in one or the other? Can you believe in both? Do believe you will find the answer here? Believe what you will - who can prove you wrong?
  • Kind of:) I believe that all human beings have choices, and depending on what choice we make will determine our fate:)
  • Yeah.Sometimes things happen for our own good or like some people say ,sometimes things happen"for the better".We get mad and really angry when stuff like this happens but then in the long run we would realize that if it didnt happen then we wouldn't be who we are today.
  • I don't, I believe that I can change the outcome of any situation if I put enough effort into it.
  • I do not. To believe in fate to me means predestiny, and that means I ultimately am not in control of my destiny, that I follow a path already lain before me. I do not like that idea because then what is the purpose of my life other to play a role that has already been written for me in this play called life?
  • I'm not exactly sure if things happen for a "reason", as it relates to cause [or will], that is held to determine the course of human life(fate). But what I do know, though, is that things that happen are the result or consequence of preceding cause or events, or antecedents-if you will. We could think in terms of: "They were ment to happen", I suppose. But how can we determine that? Well, the very "fact" that it did happen may suffice to corroborate that assumption. There are time in our lives where we can reflect on past events to ralate(or connect) and evaluate our present live condition. From unwanted predicaments we found ourselves in--of our own fault or not--we become wiser and equipped with more and better insight to manage our personal life. It's then within this context that I'm inclined to think that: "Things happen for a reason".
  • Sometimes yes! But somethings that do happen(not to me personally), I do wonder what the reasoning is behind it.
  • Yes... I believe that if something is meant to be it will be... I believe any choice you make will lead you to where you are suposed to be. It works with everything... love, work, and homelife... I so believe in fate!
  • Only sometimes. Most of the time I believe things happen because we put efforts to make it happen.
  • Yes, but I believe the choices we make lead us to the predetermined path. Common sense if you will. I also believe in karma.
  • I would like to think so.. It won't be logical if things just happened... There must be a reason.. Something behind it moving it..
  • depends on what happened

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