• Taste Testing Bon-Bons, or Movie Critic Or Both
  • Music producer, like Rick Rubin.
  • Well it's not a career but actually a job. President of the United States. Problem is most people wouldn't vote for me because of the things I would stand for. 1 If I were President the first executive order I would issue is that anyone from a non english speaking country that has been here more than a year and has still not learnedthe most basic communication skilll will be immediately deported back to their country of origin with no chance of ever returning until they can prove that they can understand basic communications in english 2 Everyone who is too lazy too selfish or too stupid to use birth control will have to shell out the cash for their own abortion as the government will no longer fork over the cash to get rid of a kid they knew all along they didn't want because they were too lazy too selfish or too stupid to use protection before having sex. And for those who will argue protection doesn't prevent pregnancy 100% if it can be proven the person was responsible enough to take every precaution to protec themself against getting pregnant and it just happened anyway then they will be exempt. 3 Recreational drugs and prostitution will both become legal if fo no other reason than to ease the burden on our bursting at the seems criminal justice system If we emptied all our jails of the drug dealers and prostitutes we wouldn't have to parole violent repeat felons so as to ease overcrowding in the jails. 4 There would be a sign posted at all border crossings and all international airports in every American City Welcome to America English is our official Language Mother Fucker learn it or go the fuck back to where you came from.
  • Some guy with 2 Masters Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and working for the C.I.A or something along those lines.
  • I would get back in the military. I loved that job and would do anything to get back in.
  • +3 Archeologist - it was a childhood dream but there wasn't enough money in it as a career so I didn't pursue it.
  • Golfer +5

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