• I am not against the death penalty, but your question makes it sound like somehow the child's life will be restored. I have to ask how is two deaths any better?
  • I can't help you justify it, Sweetcakes. I feel that in the case of heinous crimes like those, a life for a life is completely justified.
  • I think it is better if they are executed. It brings closure to the family and friends, and a feeling of justice being served. I cannot justify keeping them alive.
  • I tend to look at death as an easy way out in these cases. From what I understand, convicts who have hurt children and women are generally brutalized in turn by their 'more honorable' prison mates. I say throw him the clank where he'll spend his whole life trying not to drop the soap!
  • as far as I am concerned, they have NO rights. rehab is a joke. these people will never rehab. you can't change people with a mindset like that. Death is the only sure way that society has to protect our children from monsters. but again I ask..when is the last time that victims were taken into account in a punishment. Prisoners seem to get all the rights and the victims and their families do not matter. How do you justify a mother who kills her child and gets 5 years in prison..only to get out, have another child and kill that one. you can't. victims don't matter.
  • No. But I don't think a system that works on the principle of ''an eye for an eye'' is a particularly sound one. Yes the crime is abhorrent, but on some level we have to rise above it.
  • I personally can not understand it myself, but maybe some of the pro-choice people out there can explain it, because to me, it is a very similar comparison.
  • The law should turn this person over to the childs family! They decide, life or death. Myself......I think they should be put in a space the size of an out house made of old dry wood. Inside would be an old stump, the skin to his b'lls should be nailed to this stump. The shack should then be drenched in gasoline.....right before the match is struck hand him a VERY sharp knife. And light the match. Some might think this is harsh, but not to the mom and dad who will never get those pictures out of their minds, or hear her screaming in pain, to think that their baby was tortured and brutally raped by a monster who enjoyed watching an innocent child cry out for mommy, and got off watching her little eyes close for the last time. NOOOOOOO, I feel no mercy!
  • In view of the fact that these vermin are the first to re-offend, it is most compassionate to put them out of their misery and save the taxpayers the expense of housing this subhuman filth. It just doesn't get any worse than a child molester who murders their victim. I think that many anti-death penalty types would agree. FRY THEM ALL.
  • From what I understand from folk who work in the prison system, life behind bars for baby killers is far, far worse than death. They would prefer death. Therefore, I vote for life in solitary where the killer is continuously alert and on guard from a shiv in the back from other prisoners and/or a beating from the guards....
  • At one time in my life I would have suggested he be chained in the center of town for a good old fashion stoning. Now I try to put my personal emotions at a more working way of thinking. 1. This person does not deserve freedom ever. 2. Rehabilitation should never be an issue. 3. His rights should be removed completely. 4. Killing him is too easy of a punishment. 5. He should have to pay dearly for his crime. Working from sun-up until sun-down all earnings going to the victims and victims family until he can no longer work. 6. Once too old to work he should be studied by whatever means available to gain information and find out what if anything caused this person to do such a crime. I think that no limits should be placed to find this information even if pain and death should occur while being tested on. This may sound cruel and unjust but the way I see it is he showed no compassion for his victim and any compassion for him should ever be considered. We do not try hard enough to find answers and killing these people does not give us the answers we need to find a way to keep people from doing such crimes.
  • Sweetcakes I wish I could help. Someone like that is not human in my opinion and doesn't deserve the right to continue living and breathing. Anyone who could do anything like that to a child is just asking to be stepped on and squished deade like a cockroach. If anyone deserves to die for their crime it certainly would be that sub human individual you described in your question.
  • i think the taking of anyones life for basically no reason other than @ war that person forfiets there right to life. just my .02 let the downrating begin! lol!
  • In your example above I believe in the death penalty (not the sit on death row and die of old age either) Swift punishment for those found guilty of horrendous crimes against anyone. I do believe in due process and guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, especially in death penalty cases. (proven guilty) not because he's poor and can't afford proper legal counsel. ...and this from a pro choice guy!
  • hmm... well this is tough for me because as a Christian I am supposed to respect someone's life and not "sink" to their level of brutality. But honestly, I can't get all christianese like that. If that were MY baby I would want that sorry piece of crap killed. Slowly. Just like my child was.
  • In short: Our kids are our own blood and our future, children should be protected at all cost. Those who commit acts against our children are putting our own humanity and future at risk, not to mention the permanent damage they inflict on our children. If it was up to me I would show no quarter to those who perpatrate henious crimes against our children, and I would do so without question or hestitation.
  • I think he should be tortured, beaten and raped until he dies, but very very slowly, I want that person to feel some of what he did to this child and their family. You know how I feel about child abuse. Their life isnt easily disgarded by the public, it tears us apart, however, I do believe putting that person to death is an easy way out for the *^%^$$ *@^(# *$))$&*&^.
  • Oh my God!! That is the worse crime ever and I don't see how those people can be justified!!!

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