• Its probably a form of fungus (like mildew) - is the pot somewhere where there is too much water vapour (ie: nect to the sink in the kitchen...? and did you over water it..? Try a different type of basil - the large leaf variety is more of a weenie when it comes to indoor conditions..!
  • It sounds like a fungus. Try a fungicide. Do the lines look like worms all over the leaves?
  • yeah it looks exactly like worms over the leaves, the problem i think maybe the weather. I live in Valencia in Spain which has a hot humid environment..what type of basil would be best for me? and is there any fungicide thats organic, i would really like to eat my basil if it survives!
  • Assuming you have bugs and that intend to eat the basil do not put any insecticide on it or the bug that dies might be you. You can buy or find a recipe on line to make a dish soap liquid that you apply with a (clean) spray bottle. That will get rid of a lot of bugs and you can still rinse the leaves off and eat them.
  • Thank you for your gardening report. What's the question?

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