• I'm an excel power user and I'm having this problem with Excel 2007. I'm wondering if it is the platform I'm on. I have a Mac now and I'm running XP as a Virtual machine with VMware Fusion. I'm wondering if for some reason my Ctrl key is not registering the same way in Excel (though it works just fine for copy paste and other functions). When I try and use it to select multiple non contiguous cells I just get the right click drop down menu and my originally highlighted cell de selects. If anyone out there has a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying not to be too ticked off at the new version, but as I continue to encounter things like this I get more and more frustrated.
  • On a Mac you need to use Command + mouse click to select non-contiguous cells.
  • I had the same problem. Actually, using the CTRL key does work. Look closely at your column and row headings. You will see the multiple selections there. Unfortunately, for some stupid reason, the cells themselves do not "highlight" to show you what's selected. Must be a new "feature."
  • Go to VMware Preferences and De-Select "Mac OS mouse shotcuts". (Uncheck it). Now you should be able to Ctrl-Click and select non-adjacent ranges. It worked for me Gibe HTH
  • yes well spotted - it IS selected but just not showing. try this in a button to confirm the selected address. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() MsgBox Selection.Address End Sub i note your optimism - "must be a new feature" !

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