• Not really lol, as long as you have friends there i guess, and also you learn something new which is interesting at times, but there are also boring times
  • no. never did.
  • Never really thought of school like that. School is fun xD
  • Wait till you have a full-time job and a mortgage!
  • The public school system isn't that bad.
  • I will trade places with you. You can pay the rent, credit cards, utilities, insurance, loans, etc and then after 6 months u decide which you would rather have. Enjoy your will never get it back. If you don't want to follow rules in are in trouble in life. you will always have someone telling you what to do..boss, spouse, neighbors, landlord, etc. get used to it.
  • I would love to go back to the prison you speak of...I wasted my high school years being wasted...what a waste....stay off drugs...because you say wasted all too much when you get old because of it....LOL
  • No way. School is an opportunity to gain knowledge. Treasure it while you are still attending.
    • Wijker
      You actually believe all what is being told to you @ school?
  • don;t worry you will get parole soon, with good behavior you will get a shorter sentence

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