• kissing is the most desirable, least desirable is to go straight in for the kill and not explore one anothers body
  • Most desirable is with some other attention first, maybe a backrub or lots of cuddling. Least desirable is "Hey, wake up"
  • least desireable -- let's go have sex or let's f^*&! Most desireable -- cuddling, special attention whether it is a back massage, romantic dinner, or sweet thoughts.
  • Most: when he gets that feral look in his eyes that says if i'm not carful he is going to pounce on me so then all i takes is a very little push in the right direction! :P Least: i can't say i really have a least my manis very original! :)
  • How about when he snaps his fingers on both hands then points both index fingers toward his crouch?
  • Most desirable: Pinning you against a wall and kissing your neck =) Least: When there is no foreplay =(
  • The most desirable way for me, is for my man to just notice when I have taken the effort to make myself look "good", and when I step out of the shower, it is awesome for him to just take me. The least.... "so you wanna??"
  • I want to thank you for asking such an excellent Q, and the respondents for their great answers, too. Obviously I'm not 'qualified' to answer this Q, but I had to read it -- and the responses -- just to confirm that I'm on the right track. (I sort of thought I was anyway, but confirmation is always helpful.) +3 all around.
  • First of all he has to be clean shaven and dressed well and approach me romantically...Bring her a single red rose for no reason...Pet her hair, give her a messages softly...Be romantic for god sake...tell her she is beauful complement her on her cooking, tell her the house looks great appreciate everything..YOu will be rewarded...
  • Asking in a disrespectful way. EXAMPLE "Can I hit that?"
  • Oh and most desirable is to just start kissing me on my lips and neck randomly, and than go from there. :] (Only if it's my boyfriend though!) hehe.
  • A pile of £50 notes would grab my attention nicely
  • There quite a few desirable ways I think, from the soft conventional to the rough kinky side. But I love things like wrapping his arms around me from behind squeezing me tight, breathing and whispering in my ear in a deep seductive tone with both sensual and dirty words, kissing the surrounding area, and especially the neck, running his hands all over me. If we're facing a mirror, seeing that hot turned on look in his eyes revs me up too. Then turning around to kiss each other deep yummy. But I'm also kinky too and love the dominant ways he can take me, grabbing me, maybe tying up, forcing me down and driving for it. I know some girls wouldn't like that, but we're big into the Dom/sub play. To each is own :)
  • Redneck Foreplay:"Get in the truck,bitch"
  • most desireable: wrap your hand in my hair and pull my head up to yours for a mind blowing kiss. least desireable: "are ya horney?" that will stop me cold in my tracks every matter if i was or not...don't ask me, just do me! ;)
  • Desirable: Start off with a little love and affection and get more into it as the "heat rises"! Undesirable: Just randomly ask "Wanna have sex"...Umm, I don't now, thanks!
  • Most desirable? Ranges from a romantic warm up to throwing me down. Anything really, its nice to vary things up. Least desirable? Being verbally rude or raising his voice to me if hes frustrated. Thats basically the only thing that I dont like and wont tolerate (and he knows it).
  • Most desirable? Everything he does. Least desirable? haven't found anything yet.
  • Depends on the situation sometimes if we're in a situation where we might get caught a quick 'Wanna do it?' works other times its nice to kiss and cuddle and touch and feel and take time and work right up to it.
  • the desirable ways are almost limitless. Undesirable...when he acts like it owed to him. Biggest turn off of all time.
  • Forcing it is bad. Talking to the woman, understanding her, and having lots of foreplay can get you a long way. :D
  • most desirable - oil massages leading to foreplay least desirable - pushing down on a women's head to try to initiate oral sex

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